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Prepared by Created by triciaoram. Apr 22, Updated: Split the class into two groups. Half of the class sits at a desk, the other half of the class moves around the desks. The stationary students have one question speed dating revision techniques including the model answer and the moving students have to explain how they would answer the question, I usually run this with some music as a timer, eg you have until the song finishes to answer.

Halfway through the lesson the students swap roles so everyone has a chance to answer different questions. This resource is designed for UK teachers. This idea is brilliant. A lot of motivation and maths conversations in the room. This is a fantastic revision resource and a great concept. This resource will be highly recommended by the TES Maths Panel.

Well done and thank you for sharing. Please keep them coming in! What a really good idea and to get them to help mark as well. Will use in revision lesson soon. Early years Primary Secondary Whole school Special needs Blog Tes Teach. Primary Secondary Supply International Careers advice Recruit with Tes. Recent posts Search forums Ofsted Blog DfE Blog. Teaching courses CPD courses Institute blog. Speed dating revision techniques Jobs Community News Courses Store Search. Resources Jobs News Community Courses Log out Help.

Home feed My list. Home Resources Jobs News Register for speed dating revision techniques Log in Help. Maths Speed Dating 5 5. Prepared by Created by triciaoram Save. Preview Files included 3. Game, puzzle, quiz maths speed dating answer sheet docx, 14 KB. Game, puzzle, quiz maths speed dating back pptx, KB. Game, puzzle, quiz Maths speed dating docx, KB. About this resource Info Created: Game, puzzle, quiz maths speed dating answer sheet docx.

Game, puzzle, quiz maths speed dating back pptx. Game, puzzle, quiz Maths speed dating docx. Other resources by this author. KS3 KS4 Maths Treasure Hunt Revision Activity I created this as a revision activity amended from a resource I found on here The way I see this working is by putting the clues around the room Maths Speed Dating Split the class into two groups. The stationary students have Forces and Sport Please leave a comment if you have chance! I made this as part speed dating revision techniques a uni project but think it is a good resource to provide a context for forces and Popular paid resources Sale.

Partitioning Lesson plan, teaching resources and differentiated work for 3 lessons 1 Partitioning numbers into tens and units MA hundreds 2 Adding multiples Introducing Multiplication KS1 Flip- chart moves through stages of multiplication as repeated addition and speed dating revision techniques an array. Can be made more practical fun by having a collection KS4 Probability-Rescue the princess-adventure game Featured in the TES Newsletter. Adventure game in which students answer probability questions speed dating revision techniques order to rescue a princess.

Maths, England and Queen Victoria Cross curricular demo lesson on Maths, England and Queen Victoria not amazing, mostly good for filler. Area under a curve New GCSE Resources edited from somewhere lessons on area under a curve for the new GCSE. Combinations of transformations translation, rotation, reflection Worksheet where students have to carry out two transformations and describe the single transformation that would have speed dating revision techniques same effect.

IGCSE Edexcel Practice Question by Unit Part 4 IGCSE Edexcel Practice Question by Unit Part 4. Expressing recurring decimals as fractions The lesson teaches students how to express a speed dating revision techniques of recurring decimals as fractions. The lesson ends with a worksheet which could be printed fo Finding the nth term This lesson is mainly about finding the nth term of any linear sequence. Through worked examples students very quickly learn how to find the nth te Courses Courses home For prospective teachers For teachers For schools For partners.

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