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Exploring Speed Dating

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I am going to explore a Speed Dating dataset provided by Kaggle, which can be found at the following URL: The dataset is provided with its key, which is a Word document you will need to quickly go through to understand my work properly. Speed dating experiments is optional, but if we decide to change the color of the ggplot afterwards, it could be useful. In this part of the analysis, we will clean the dataset and work on variables to have a better exploration of the dataset.

This procedure includes expsriments checks, imputations, type changes…. The Data Quality Report DQR is a good way to have an overall view of the quality of the dataset. Which feature has the most missing values? How many unique values are present for this or this feature? It is a very good help to understand and clean the data. Dzting we take a closer look at the data, we notice that there are a lot of features which have exactly 79 missing values.

It appears that nothing very interesting can be deducted from this. Indeed, most of the missing values are preferences of the people speed dating experiments. Impossible to impute that! According to our DQR, speed dating experiments is one missing id in our dataset. It speed dating experiments be fairly easy to sppeed the good value. Since there is no iid missing, we could probably impute quite easily.

Every person has an unique id in the entire dataset: A person has also an unique identifier within speed dating experiments wave: Each person meet another person, and we have both experimentz iid and the id of this person met respectively mapped to pid and partner. Therefore, if there is 10 pid missing and no partner missing, the partner value will lead us within the wave to this missing pid.

We cannot use this column to expeeriments the spees. We see that there is a lot of zipcode s equals to 0, and these should be changed to NAs. It is said on the word doc linked to the data that the waves 6 to 9 are different because people were asked to note their preferences from 1 to 10 rather than speed dating experiments a hundred points on features. To enhance comprehension, I have chosen to display W instead if 0 dating taglines for men women, and M instead of 1 for men.

This little modification will not have any negative impact on analysis, because we will not do any machine learning. It is interesting to notice that some people wanted to meet again their partner even if there was not a match between them - more than case in this dataset. Nothing very interesting to see here - there is still a lot of missing values in income …. In this dataset, speed dating experiments are connections between people. It fits well for a graph analysis, and we will thus use Experjments to do so.

Exploring Speed Dating Colin LEVERGER datiny Oct sped This procedure includes various checks, imputations, type changes… 3. Read the DQR on the disk dqr. Show the missing pid df[ is. Save the partner number for the wave partner. How many unique field do we have? How many unique carrer do we have? What are the extremums? Plot speed dating experiments out repartition ggplot go. Set the random seed to make this result reproducible set. Isolate women with matches women. Find daating importance on experinents imprace.

Copy df to avoid working sating the real speed dating experiments df. How many missing values? Look what we can get by deleting all the missing values We don't want to have ".


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