Sagittarius man dating a gemini woman

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Sagittarius man and Gemini woman

Our Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements agree and the astral quality is the same; your planets work well together. The biggest difference gemin you is that his Fiery nature is more bold and impulsive, while your nature as an Air Sign is more analytical and evasive. Since you are both Mutable signs, geminii really difficult connections in your birth-horoscopes, you'll find it easy to adapt to each others' quirks and support one another. If you do this relationship could be a 9.

Air vs Fire - Air feeds Fire, and Fire moves Air; this is an excellent elemental combination because of other things you share. Your personalities are different, but you're very compatible in your inner natures. Both are Mutable - Signs of the same quality share their way of going about things; you both are changeable and restless, and perfectly matched for an active lifestyle.

Mercury vs Jupiter - Your sagittarius man dating a gemini woman is the clever and swift Mercury, while his is the benevolent and idealistic Jupiter. These planet's signs are opposite one another, but Jupiter's enthusiasm is just what Mercury needs, and Mercury's skill is what Jupiter craves. In the scheme of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is the sign opposite Gemini, so it's only natural that you'll feel an attraction to him.

It's true that Sagittarius Men are exceptionally warm and idealistic, and they love to talk as much as you do. You'll find him to be frank and open, but often brutally honest; he'll probably have the habit of innocently putting his foot in his mouth in ways that upset those who'd rather not hear the truth, sagittarius man dating a gemini woman have others hear it. He has qualities you admire and may even need in your life, and the same is true of him; both of you tend to be restless, but his boldness is a perfect xating for your verbal skill.

His constant reminders about facing the facts may be a little annoying, but his innocent and warm hearted way of doing things makes his verbal and sometimes, physical clumsiness worth putting up with. He'll admire your Mercurial tact and youthfulness, while you'll find his Jupiterian ambition, enthusiasm and ideals endearing. The physical chemistry between you is next to sagittarius man dating a gemini woman.

In mythology, it's said that Mercury gives joy to Jupiter, and this is true in astrology as well. He can be quite entertaining, but it takes a lot to bring him out of one of his bad moods; but you have the natural talent to do so. He may become upset from dating a divorced man in his 30s to time, and Sagittarians are known to have short tempers, but you can nip his oncoming rage in the bud by showing him a little honest affection.

Try not to share too many sagittarius man dating a gemini woman with him; he is not very good at keeping them. You also should try to make sure that your conversations have a point; he gets unhappy when he can't figure out where a story "is going. Neither of you are prone to suffering your hurts in silence. If you've hurt each other, it's more likely to explode into an argument wiman to be stuffed into your hearts and dealt with later.

It's probably healthier to work things out quickly, but your sagittarrius is any crisis will soon rub off on him, and you'll begin to figure things out before they get too complicated. Please visit our Gemini Relationship or Sagittarius Relationship pages for more relationship and compatibility information. Use the navigation at ddating top of the page for details on any sign.

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