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Retail Minis will not work with operator-supplied devices, and operator-supplied Minis will not work with retail TiVo devices. TiVo Mini does not support wireless connections. Avoid using special characters symbols, language characters, etc. You must agree to the terms hook up tivo mini service to complete Guided Setup. If TiVo Mini only detects one compatible host DVR, it will automatically select it and you will not see this screen.

The TiVo IR Adapter lets you control TiVo Mini or a Premiere series DVR that does tifo have a direct line of sight for an IR remote e. If the TiVo Service Number TSN of your TiVo Mini begins with A93 rather than Hooj,ini device is RF compatible and does not need an IR adapter. If you're using the IR Adapter with hook up tivo mini Premiere series DVR, the DVR must have software version Make sure that the TiVo remote will have an unobstructed view of the adapter when the adapter is in position.

All TiVo devices must be on the same TiVo account. Your TiVo account must be activated and in hook up tivo mini standing. A maximum of 12 TiVo devices per account, including TiVo Mini, can share programming. You can use either type of connection on either device. Prepare the host DVR for use with TiVo Mini Verify that the host DVR meets the requirements listed in Home network and account requirements.

Connect your host DVR to your home network using an Ethernet or MoCA connection. On the host DVR, make a connection to the TiVo service and wait for it to complete. For high-definition TV, connect the HDMI cable included in the package between TiVo Mini and the TV. Connect TiVo Mini to the home network using Ethernet or MoCA. Connect TiVo Mini to an open input on the router or to an Ethernet jack in tio wall using an Ethernet cable.

If you use a MoCA network in your home, connect the coax cable from the wall tio the MoCA jack on the back of TiVo Mini. Plug in the TiVo Mini power cord. Perform Guided Setup on TiVo Mini Turn on the TV that TiVo Mini is connected to and wait for the "Welcome! When instructed to do so, press SELECT on the TiVo remote to begin the setup process. The next screen presents TiVo's service terms; select Agree to continue.

The next screen asks if you want to change "Video Formats. This is the typical choice. TiVo Mini will select the formats according to what settings it discovers on the television. Select this option if you know what resolutions your hook up tivo mini supports and prefer to set the video formats manually. You will then see the "Getting Setup Info" screen, which will go through a series of steps to connect to the TiVo service to download and load the information.

At the end of these steps, press the SELECT button to continue. The next step of Guided Setup will instruct hook up tivo mini to Name This TiVo Box. Choose a name from the list or enter a unique name. The next screen will prompt you to connect TiVo Mini to a compatible host DVR. If there is a red circle with a line through it next to the host DVR name, you might hook up tivo mini to prepare the DVR before continuing.

Press the TiVo button on the remote to go to TiVo Central. IR Adapter The TiVo IR Adapter lets you control TiVo Mini or a Premiere series DVR that does not have a direct line of sight for an IR remote e. TiVo IR Adapter setup Plug the IR Adapter's USB connector into the TiVo device's USB port. Position the IR adapter so that the either the end or the TiVo man is visible. If needed, secure the minl with the included Velcro patch. Home network and account requirements TiVo Mini requires:

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