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How to Sync Go Daddy Email With an iPhone

How to set-up GoDaddy email on your iPhone or iPad

No matter what I try, I just cannot get the Godaddy outgoing server godaddy work in Mail, but it works OK in Outlook for Mac which I don't really want to use if I can avoid it. Can anyone suggest any solution or more in depth troubleshooting methods. I feel it's some security issue which Outlook seems to have more settings for.

Can't get Godaddy outgoing server to work in Mail gpdaddy OK in Outlook. The bottom line here is that after a year of this with Godaddy and Mail, I have concluded that it is all random. The solutions offered above may work sometimes, but sometimes not. They will work for a while, but not for long. I would not ipyone Godaddy as a mail provide to anyone.

Their hosting service, however, is great! I have experienced all the same problems listed above. Although, I seem to also be having very long incoming mail delays sometimes days into ipohne mail from my GoDaddy email accounts IMAP. In addition to the new MBP in which Ipgone am experiencing problems I have an eemail MBP I noticed today that when I go into the Email Setup Center on GoDaddy my Open Ports in the Email Server Settings do not refresh, the wheel just keeps turning, whereas on my old MBP my Open Ports hook up godaddy email to iphone immediatly.

I have been on the phone to apple and GoDaddy for hours and am getting very frustrated. Goddaddy have a godadddy there iphond some new internal security function in hook up godaddy email to iphone Can anyone add anything to this? Specifically regarding that 'Checking ports This worked for me too. Just started a gig where GoDaddy email was the required deal, and am glad there was a solution to this.

But since upgrading to Mavericks, I've had a myriad of email problems, particularly when connecting with another gigs Exchange email. I had to switch to Outlook email, and then, when I updated to the latest version of office, Outlook started having problems with deleted messages they'd delete in Outlook, but not on the Exchange server- only when I delted the messages from my double dating duggars free online or emal did they delete from the Exchange server.

Between Mavericks, Apple mail, Hook up godaddy email to iphone, Exchange Server and now Go-Daddy, it's a hodge podge of problems. A miracle I get anything done Godadey GoDaddy and they were useless. Luckily I found this forum and tried everything is here. My solution was to delete the account I created on iMail, go to godaddy and change my password, logged out of hook up godaddy email to iphone daddy and logged back in using new password to test, opened and installed account on iMail.

I had this same problem with my mac. I was setting up the POP mail from Godaddy. I am using Apple Mail. I did everything and finally tried texasfire solution of changing the TLS certificate. It worked like a charm. Thank you so much. After 3 hours of getting jerked around by GoDaddy, I noticed that the password criteria for the incoming and outgoing servers were different.

For example, one asks for characters, emai other One requires a special charcter, the other does not. My incoming worked, outgoing would not, no matter what ports Hook up godaddy email to iphone tried. Go to GoDaddy specifically GoDaddy, not from SecureServer interface and change your email password to something characters, containing a number, a capital letter, and a special character.

GoDaddy has advised me today that their outgoing SMTP port ilhone does not work anymore. They have advised me to switch to "". Since the switch, everything has been working great. I'm not buying it. If they had made such a switch, we would have been hearing from our ipphone since the supposed 'change'. Right now, I'm leaning toward what they told you as more random nonsense, covering for shoddy systems.

And are you really comfortable with eail idea of using an unsecured system no SSL I know I wouldn't be. I had called GoDaddy today. That was what they had said. So, that was what I had reported. Ever since I had made that "" change, my email has been working flawlessly fmail all my devices. What is SSL going to do for me? All SSL does is hoko issues sending emails with wireless Internent providers, at least in Toronto, Canada where we have only two communist monopolies, Rogers and Bell.

Rogers specifically advises users not to use SSL to avoid delays sending emails via their network. I had posted a possible solution that has worked for me. I am sure GoDaddy offers many different solutions. I guess I was just lucky today getting one that worked for yp. Sign in Post Browse discussions Contact Support Search. Please enter a title.

You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Can't get Godaddy outgoing server to work in Mail - OK in Outlook No matter what I try, I just cannot get the Godaddy outgoing server to work in Mail, but it works OK in Outlook for Mac which I don't really want to use if I can avoid it. I've tried all my 3 accounts and none of them work with sending. Reply I have this question too Helpful answers All replies.

Just want to add my two cents and say that what worked for me was this:

GoDaddy Email Setup on iPhone

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