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Many many women will not reply to emails they receive and are not interested in, saying the don't have time, or they don't want to invite retaliation emails. Interesting how when the situation is in reverse, the woman is asking for the courtesy of a reply. If you're ready to be calling him a jerk, do you really want him to reply? I can see being diappointed if he doesn't reply, especially if he seemed interesting to you, but to pull the "jerk" card email response time etiquette dating him for not answering seems a little bit harsh.

Perhaps he has the same situation as other women, he wants to think about his reply or he doesn't have time to adequately reply at the moment. I also, have had ladies contact me, to which I replied. Then suddenly they stopped responding to my messages, yet I saw them online for hours each day. When I mentioned this to a couple of them and they rudely told me that they were too busy, and that I was stalking email response time etiquette dating. I am at a loss as to what their games are.

But as you can see, it happens to men too. I never have anything to do with them, despite some who have since tried to make friends with me again. One chance is enough. That's my policy, anyway. I don't give them more than a day. Honestly, some things take more time than others and some people like to actually spend a little time with their replies.

Most of the time when I get on here it is for 3 or 4 minutes and not long enough to send a proper message to someone. I am sure I am not the only compare absolute and relative dating methods of assessing fossil age. Give the guy a break!!!! Email response time etiquette dating states like RI MA CT Rude, Ill tell ya who are just "players" yet they claim to be "a good date" let alone looking for "LT" in thier profiles! But All are not like that here on POFCandy.

Im sure there are women who do the same, also. If someone corresponds with me, I answer them. If they invite me outI may, email response time etiquette dating most cases,go if I were attracted in someway to them. Allthough You'd love the chance to return thier "smooth style email response time etiquette dating Arrogance" If its been more than a week, then Its time to Move email response time etiquette dating, Girfriend U Don't need em' When it comes to etiquette However the same applys for women 1 whoever told you, you were special and deserved everyones attention and response to you, they lied.

People have their own attitudes, agendas and priorities to deal with and NO email response time etiquette dating like you didn't owe him a response neither does he! If the shoe had been on the other foot and you had found him so disgusting would you bother to write back or call him a jerk? After all he could have been on here in the forums or even talking to other women and that's ok he's allowed to have his own life just like you are.

He will respond if and when he has time. People have many reasons why they don't jump when another person says jump! They have lives after all too! He'll be thanking God you went psycho long before he wrote back. Don't do this it will only make you look bad and inside you will feel bad about yourself for doing it. Stop putting all your eggs in one basket. Get out there and write lots of guys and date until you find the one that is truely deserving of your commitment.

Focusing on one guy before they even know they are married is kinda like putting the cart before the horse and will only leave you with a mangled horse and a broken cart. The guy initiates the email asking you to tell him more about yourself, you respond and then no response. I simply chalk it up to the pitfalls of internet dating sites. He had probably sent similar emails out to dozens of other women asking the same thing.

While you were responding he was out there fishing away. Which I guess he has every right to do, although it is a bit annoying to have wasted the time to send him your email. As much as you would love to send a follow up email just to say "thanks for wasting my time" I would recommend you just move along. If he was really interested he would have responded.

Who needs him if he is so rude anyway I figure if they had an interest in going further they'd have responded. If you don't hear from them within three days they either didn't have that much interest or their fears got the better of them. If you mail them first I wouldn't expect a response at all. Like it or not standard manners do not apply to many on these sights. Though I do always reply I do not expect the same. How was your day?

I delete it after three days. I respond to all emails, but the highest number of emails I have received in one day is five, so not that labour intensive for me. I can't imagine opening my email and discovering more than email response time etiquette dating emails waiting to be responded to. I would write back Email should be treated just like regular mail, if you get a letter, you reply to it, unless it's offensive. If someone doesn't respond back to your reply, then forget about it.

This is internet dating, you win some and you lose some, but the one rule you should always follow is be polite. NEVER send a rude email, it could come back and bite you, or someone else could see it instead of the intended recipient. There is no privacy in cyberspace. They can have a lifetime as far as I'm concerned. My pole is still in the water till I have a reason to put it away. Say screw him, move on.

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