Dragon con speed dating

Dating at DragonCon - Any Advice?

'Star Wars' speed-dating: A three-minute shot at the chance to stop flying Solo

Recommend this entry Has been recommended Surprise me. Main Ratings Disable ads. Previous Entry Next Entry Recent Entries Archive Friends' Entries Profile Memories DragonCon Home Page. DOWNTOWN MAPS AND GUIDES. Does anyone know if they're planning to do light speed dating again this year? One dragon con speed dating out of my group of three met someone they hit it off with. It wasn't me, I totally bombed out but we're looking forward to trying again Anyone know if it's being organized again for this year?

So far it's set for Friday night, but the time is still under dragon con speed dating. They havent updated anything since Sept Reply Parent Thread Link. We'll have it fixed soon. Until then, the tentative schedule has dahing out on the yahoo group discussion. It's looking like Friday night, though the time is varying between 8: Are there any other tracks for speed dating?

So I'm not the only one that hasn't seen Dragin Wars? I didn't see it until a year or two ago You can still come to Lightspeed Dating even if you haven't seen Star Wars Talk about common interests! Leave a Comment to the Entry.

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