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Rob, the SG datjng stand sgg against any comparable guitar admirably i. The sustain offered by the SG is awesome. Furthermore, the feel, playability and styling are more than adequate. The only criticism I could make is that the SG struggles when the cleanest of tones are required. With yamaya to the coil taps, it is my understanding that it was dating yamaha sg the later SGS models that were equipped with coil tap tone pots.

I have a mid 70s sg and it is the only guitar that I would not part with although I have owned gibsons and fenders. I added dating yamaha sg pull tone pots later from Yamaha and split the coils. Hello Rob As an ex user of the SG original one with out coil split I think they used the coil taps after models.

I can honestly tell you they are brilliant If it was good enough for Santana then go figure! It is a better built arguably sounding and i can compare eg a les paul. I wish I still had mine: As an ex user of the SG original one with out coil split I think they used the coil taps after models. I can honestly tell you they datinv brilliant: If it was good enough for Santana then go figure!

I've got a black SG I bought new Its a Paul killer. Nothing can touch it. Mine is an early model, no coil tapping. You could easily install a pull-pot, and split the coils yourself. By the way, if you find one of these in good shape, snap it up, and get it set-up right. You'd have to pay thousands just to get close to the abilities of this guitar.

Don't mess with the pickups either, Seymour can't improve the best I've tried a JB and it was shit in comparison to the original. Sorry, nothing to do with te Yamaha guitar. Rob, What is the Les Paul Special Edition dating yamaha sg, I am thinking of dating yamaha sg one. How much did U buy yours for and what year was it made?

If you ssg help me I would be very grateful. Dating yamaha sg have had an SG since ; it is a ' I have played it in many different situations and prefer it to a Les Paul--not as heavy and bulky. It has gold hardware, humbucks, sunburst, intricate inlays on neck and head. There are no covers on the pickups, however--I'm not sure whether it ever had them.

I have had a tough time finding any info on the guitar, and have little idea as to its value. I have had an sg new one for about 6 months. Have always wanted one cos i love the shape and the mahogony maple sound. Its absolutely beautiful and plays superbly, easily as good as a les paul. Im dxting so sure about yakaha coil dating yamaha sg tho I didn't know the SG ever had coil taps - I've owned an early one from new, a '78 I think, no coil taps, datnig now with a knackered volume pot - jammed solid after too much bowing and posing.

It's a great guitar - individual and not yamahw. It has a thicker neck than a Les Paul, but much better access to the top frets - apart from the double cutaway, the heel of the neck is rounded yamahaa. I agree with the guy who said the clean tone was not the best, but if dating yamaha sg want that get a Strat. The had a three continuous strips of wood from the headstock to past the tailpiece. The lesser models just had a glued on neck. I had the original frets replaced ymaha thinner ones, as I found it datimg to get my large-ish fingers between the frets.

Didn't seem to affect the sustain - mine has been playing a top 'E' since Les Paul's are cooler though, if you're bothered by that. I have been using an sg o since the late seventies. I would not change it for any other yajaha available the playability and build with the trough neck put gibsons to shame. The early models did not have the coil taps fitted. The only changes made to mine is to fit a eating of dimazio super distortion humbuckers with yamahha dating yamaha sg and a phase switch.

Carlos Santana used them for many years. I have either a or cherry sunburst SG that I still dearly love. This is one heavy plank-o-wood, as the heavy gamaha tones and sustain characteristics point out. As I remember, Yamaha first made an SG in this guise, dating yamaha sg silver hardware and either a bolt on or glued neck joint.

The Ddating upped the ante, with body-through neck construction, gold coloured hardware and coil tapping not sure exactly when this was introduced, although my late 70's model, ser has them. You CANNOT get eating Strat type sound by going to the single coil config, but it does add to the guitars allure by giving more tonal variations. The stock pickups really have a lot of bite, and will put out some smokin' tones with heavy riffing they did not ever have covers on them.

As another reviewer has stated, this is probably not the best axe for cleaner tones, dating yamaha sg as a hard rock guitar, it is definitely a bargain since it has a beautiful ebony fretboard and jumbo nickel frets at a fraction of the price of a comparable Les Paul. Contact Advertise Contents Privacy Policy Forum. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. From Guitar Discussion Forum Archive - April, Comment viewing options Dating yamaha sg - newest first Date - oldest first.

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