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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Couples of reddit where one partner has herpes, how has this affected your relationship? Has this ever ruined a relationship of yours? Those of you affected by it, how has it shaped or changed your relationships? I found out I had herpes a week after my current boyfriend and I started dating officially. We had been seeing each other for two months ie sleeping together.

I told him I had this abrasion and assumed it was from rough sex. When it didn't heal, I went in. He was informed by me that they were testing for herpes. His main concern at least that he voiced was me. He did research on it and reassured me that if I did have it, it was not the end of the world. It's common, it's preventable, etc. When the test came back positive, he was concerned about me because he knew how upsetting it would be.

Himself he didn't mention, dating someone with herpes reddit said if he had he had it--that's life. He came over that night dating someone with herpes reddit hold me when I cried. Since then, he got tested and doesn't have it. He's dealt with me trying to deal with it and has been supportive the whole way even when I'm drunkenly sobbing on the floor. Before him, I dated assholes and would never dream of telling them this and them sticking around. It has put perspective on my dating choices.

How to tell if a guy isn't a jerk? Ask yourself what his response would be if you told him you have herpes. Those who react with anger or mockery or disgust need not apply. Has this affected any other aspects of your life? Do you take any medicine for it in order to try to prevent spreading it to your bf? I'm more careful about my health-I used to avoid getting tested for STDs.

I'm more grateful for my relationship, that's for sure. Having someone who didn't even blink throughout the situation when he didn't have dating someone with herpes reddit education about it and could have had it as well was eye-opening to his true and wonderful character. If I dating someone with herpes reddit in a relationship, I think my life would have changed quite a bit.

I slept around a lot and avoided relationships. I thrived on male attention still do to some extent. I think I would have focused more on dating, not just one night of sex for fun. I'm on antivirals and take Lysine. I stayed on them, though, because a doctor advised me to take them for 6 months since it's been helpful in stopping outbreaks from happening again.

We don't use condoms. I'm clean and a friend of mine kinda went through this situation where she didn't know she had it. The guy stopped responding to her and blames it all on her since he chose to not use a condom n depend on the birth control. If I were in his shoes, I would talk to her about it. I'm upset but if she didn't know and I chose to depend on the pills, it's not solely one to blame. It sucks but still have the possibility to work things out. Elizabethan england dating site been reading up on it and it seems like most people who have it don't even know!

Is it really that big of a deal then? I wonder how the medicine works for it; does it reduce the chance of spreading it or having 'break outs'? They're blisters of some form but one is infectious. The issue of it being a big deal depends on the person and also how informed they are. There are medication to decrease the frequency that herpes shows up but they don't go away forever. First and foremost, making a distinction between carrying a STI and being "clean" perpetuates the stigma that people who have these conditions are necessarily bad.

The words 'clean' and 'dirty' have for years been used to denote positive and negative associations. Let's try to stop being judgmental and stigmatizing people. Your friend would dating someone with herpes reddit not appreciate you looking at her and calling her dirty. It would be extremely hurtful to her, guaranteed. There is no difference. A cold sore is a herpes sore that appears on the face. Also known as fever blisters.

They are one and the dating someone with herpes reddit. HSV2 can also infect the oral environment, but rarely does so because it prefers the genitals. Researchers haven't yet figured that one out. Genital sores and oral sores are the same. Both shed viral cells. Dating someone with herpes reddit you kiss someone who has a cold sore, or while you have one, chances are you're going to get it or give it.

Same goes for oral sex. Same goes for PIV sex or MSM sex. While it interrupts the ability of the virus to replicate at the normal level that it does, it doesn't prevent it entirely. There will still be asymptomatic shedding. There will still be the potential to infect partners. It will last your entire lifetime, and condoms offer very little protection against it. I understand where you're getting at for the first point.

I was not using it as a judgmental way but I can see how people would feel dirty when hearing the dating someone with herpes reddit clean be associated with STD-free. But I want to defend myself that that was not the direction I was implying nor I wouldn't look at her and call her dirty. The fact that people are denoting positive and negative associations are when they're implied in such a manner. Similar phrases are "That's retarded" or "That's gay".

A lot of people use it to denote negative actions or events to people with mental illnesses or sexuality. Same thing, it's not correct and should stop of judgmental and stigmatizing.

Would you date someone with a STD?

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