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When should I count my due date from - LMP or scan?

I am feeling very stressed out. My LMP was on the 20th March which means I should be 8 weeks 3 days due 25th Dec. I had an Ultrasound this morning and she said I am only 6 weeks 2 days due 9th January She said everything looks ok and there was a heartbeat but when I got home I looked at the dates and had already got a BFP 2 days before I would've conceived using ultrasound dates. I am really worried that the baby isn't growing properly or something! I don't have a doctors appointment for nearly 2 weeks and I am guessing they're just going to say that my dates are wrong.

Has this happened to anyone else and everything dating scan earlier than lmp turned out ok? My LMP was also 20th Mar so I had EDD 25th dec but my dating scan was 6 days behind so new EDD is 31st Dec. I asked the sonographer if that dating scan earlier than lmp of difference is usual and she asked if I had been on the pill, I came off in Jan and she mentioned its common for the ovulation to be delayed and dates different.

But two weeks is a fair bit more deviation. Did you ask her about it? Or did the sonographer mention anything about the big change in DD? It is confusing your BFP date being pre-conception Is it possible you just a small bub? Two weeks will drive you crazy. See if you can see your GP ASAP and maybe even request a second dating scan if things just are not adding up. Thank you so much for all your answers!!

The sonographer just said that you can dating scan earlier than lmp at different times during your cycle and that's why the ultrasound due date can differ from the LMP due date. I think maybe the bubs is just a bit smaller at this stage, I could maybe understand it being off by maybe a week but not the 2 that she thinks. I'm going to just try dating scan earlier than lmp relax and go with the flow easier said than done lol and see what happens dating scan earlier than lmp the next scan.

I have since spoken to a few friends who said they had a similar thing happen and it turned out that their LMP dates were right. Maybe we have a wonky ultrasound machine here lol. Home Community Pregnancy Expecting a baby. Ultrasound due date 2 weeks different to LMP due date?? Hi, I'm hoping someone could shed some light hopefully positive light on my situation.

Comments 9 Add a comment. How confusing for you. Here is a static reply to each comment for layout testing. Here is a second static reply to test layout between replies. I have been told your measurement date can be anywhere from 2 weeks in front or behind and be normal. Not every baby grows the same. I'm currently measuring 1 week behind and Ob said that's nothing to worry about this early on I'm 20 weeks almost Please try not to stress and just enjoy this amazing journey you are on I know easier said then done you should have seen me in that 2 weeks between the doctors scans and my dating scan: Hi my dates were two weeks different.

Not every cycle is 28 days. Turns out my cycle that month had been 43 days. It is very common and totally normal for ovulation dates to be all over the place. If bub has a heartbeat and is looking healthy that is the main thing. Try to relax and good luck: They do ask what your cycle is, mine was 28 days. Thou when I had my 6 week scan, it came up that wriggle was due 4 days later dating scan earlier than lmp my dates. But since then the dates have moved back to closer to what i had as a due date.

It is normal to ovulate early or late in a cycle cnd that would cause different dates, but I hear what you are saying So the sonography didn't measure right I would think. I had a scan last week and she measured bub while curled up with chin on body and then again stretched out snd it changed my due date by 5 days.

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