Loadout matchmaking fix

Loadout matchmaking fix

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My name is K. Our servers have been under tremendous strain since launch. Bottom line is that we were not prepared for the huge surge in playerbase in a matter of hours. We have made a lot of progress, but we matchmwking not where we would like to be just yet. Yes, we attempted to get as much traffic in the game while we were in Closed Beta and Early Access. That is best answered in this update. We are working on addressing this issue! We currently allow players to Party Up in the Annihilation and vs.

Bots playlist without being separated. We are reviewing the loadout matchmaking fix design on how the system currently works in the Casual Playlist, but we will make a decision that is best for the community and gameplay experience. We consider the Casual Playlist to be a drop-in, drop-out kind of environment.

The competitive playlist only starts matches when there are 8 players in the match. All feedback and suggestions should be submitted to loadout matchmaking fix official forum! Yes there will be new characters. It takes us awhile to loadout matchmaking fix a lodout from start to finish and we just released Helga to our Early Access players right before loadout matchmaking fix.

If you have any suggestions, loadout matchmaking fix leave loadout matchmaking fix in the Official Thread. Yes, more maps are planned! They are a great way for players to provide feedback on the design of a map before those maps are finalized. First and foremost we have to get our PC version standing on its own two feet! We are actively working on a Mac version of the game, but there is no ETA on when it will be complete.

We will continue to introduce new weapon parts that introduce fresh, tactical gameplay elements. If you do a bit of digging, you can find a sample for yourself. Loadout matchmaking fix, we are actively looking at data, your feedback on the forums and playing the game to see what type of trends players are using that seem a little too strong. We are also loadout matchmaking fix buffing weapon parts that seem to be underperforming.

The Shield, along with all of our other Equipment pieces, are also under constant evaluation. If you happened to check out our most recent Developer Loadout matchmaking fix Stream, we confirmed that the Shield will be receiving an overhaul. Weapon parts can only be attained by playing the game and purchasing them with the in-game currency called Matchmakihg which are earned after each match.

There are cosmetics that can be granted by through the Daily Prize Boxes. Cosmetics are primarily only purchased with Spacebux, our real money currency. If you would like to see the Loadout community continue to grow, I would like matchmaikng encourage you to actively participate in discussions on our official forums. Also, every Wednesday we spend an hour of our day showing off the latest build updates and answering questions about the game on our Twitch TV Channel.

You can always ping me or the Loadout Twitter accounts arCtyC or Loadout if you have any questions. We are passionate about bringing the absolute best community experience you can have to our game! I look forward to speaking with many more of you in the matchmmaking Sorry You cannot access this content at this time. Dix or Create Loadout matchmaking fix. Shawn Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Community FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. All that being said, here are some of the top issues and questions we wanted to address: What is wrong with matchmaking?

Why am I experiencing long wait times? Did you guys stress test the servers? Why do games start with teams loadout matchmaking fix Is there a Skill-Based Matchmaking System? New Features New Content All feedback and suggestions should be submitted to our official forum! Will there mmatchmaking new characters? Will there be more maps? What about game modes? Will there be more game modes?

We would like to add more game modes loadout matchmaking fix the future. Will You Add Player Hosted Private Servers A: Will Loadout be on other platforms? Will you introduce new weapons? Will I be able to customize the paint job on my weapon? Will you balance overpowered weapons? The Shield is too strong! Will you nerf it? When will we see new Equipment? Do I have to pay real money for weapon parts?

Loadout - Matchmaking Fail Error Issues

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