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Lolapps and 6waves Announce Merger Agreement

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We started hearing reports midday on Friday that Critter Island had disappeared. All redirect to facebook. All signs point to a complete suspention of LOLapps apps by Facebook. LOLapps is a large and stable developer on Datint, with a slew of quiz and lolapps dating applications, as well as Critter Island and several older games. Llapps yesterday, it had over 14 million monthly active users, making it the twelfth-largest developer on Loalpps, and just under a million daily actives.

Facebook has not responded at all. Facebook responded as this story was being posted: Facebook has suspended quite a few developers since opening its platform; the largest recent example was Pencake, a company that had several massive quiz apps disabled overnight in July. However, almost every case of a complete ban targets a developers spamming Facebook users with non-game apps. Individual non-game apps are disabled quite often.

LOLapps, by lolapps dating, made a point of its turn to game development in Juneand appears to have focused mostly on Critter Island and upcoming titles since. The company is venture funded and generally well-known in the Silicon Valley development community. More information may emerge soon. Lolapps dating now, the silence from both parties is enough to make other developers nervous.

We were correct about the involvement of third-party advertisers; a firm called RapLeaf is behind the LOLapps suspensions lolapps dating, according to a longer Wall Lolapps dating Journal expose. LOLapps is back on Facebookafter less than three days of suspension. Follow facebook twitter instagram linkedin Feed. Follow Us facebook twitter instagram linkedin Feed. Subscribe to Adweek Today! Lolapps dating information and updates on Adweek Events, Awards, and Promotions Receive news and offers from our friends and sponsors.

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