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juggaLOVE, A Fake Online Dating Site Ad for Insane Clown Posse Fans A.K.A. Juggalos

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It's secretly an information gathering database for the government's new forced sterilization program. This is one of those things on Fark where I don't want to click the link, but I know I will click despite my long experience. I have to call shenanigans, some of the biatches in that matchmakers dating were hot and none of them fat. The dating site for Juggalos. For once - just this once - I'm okay with this. I was going to make a sterilization joke, but this dating site for juggalos is funnier than the one I was going to make.

And I thought Christian Mingle was kinda creepy. I'm all for Juggalo bashing but that video wasn't funny at all. So you date a girl from there and the next day dating site for juggalos moves into your place with about 10 of her best friends and dating site for juggalos sit around all day picking at their belly buttons? My roomate may give me a lot of shiat about the "whores" I date but what always shuts her up is "Hey at least I didnt date a juggalo!

That might make for some world-class trolling. They probably save a lot of time by not having a "Employment Status" field. Jugga Love is driving me mad it's making me crazy. JuggaLOVE seems a little unwieldy. Perhaps they should shorten it to something like JDate. It's hard to use real Juggalos. They don't take direction well. Jun 24 This thread is closed to new comments.

American Juggalo - Often Mocked and Misunderstood Subculture

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