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I'm handsome and funny-looking, highly intelligent and incredibly stupid, self-aware and in denial, an engaging personality and a morbid recluse, politically progressive and a born conservative. In other words, an average guy hoping to find a sympathetic soul. Sivaji is a 48 year old, Hindu male. Living in new york cityNew-York Vegetarian diet. What can i say about myself? I have traveled a lot during this speed dating jeune toulouse mostly around the Far-East,Africa working with kids.

I enjoy traveling and i think i will keep on doing it for the rest of vegetarian speed dating nyc life it makes me happy. My Passion is in Healing and Health i have been vegetarian speed dating nyc different forms of alternative healing modalities all this years from Nutrition,Herbs,Chi-Gong,Energy Healing and many more i have lost count of it to many of them and thats how i make my living for the present moment.

Thinking of trying out some glass blowing as a hobby and i love cooking well thats all i can say about myself for now. TofuWarrior is a 42 year old, Atheist male. Living in TroyNew-York Vegan diet. Celebrating four years as a vegan, and never felt better. I am by no means a finished product, but I'm starting to know better what I like these days. I love being active by running, volleyball, yoga, hiking, and gymming it. I'm also a musician and love live music. Madonna is a 59 year old, spiritual female.

Living in LynbrookNew-York Raw food diet. SmartHandsomeValues is a 60 year old, spiritual male. Living in New YorkNew-York Vegan diet. Compassionate, principled and a vegan. Handsome, significantly young looking, pleasant and witty. Keep quite fit by eating healthy vegan food and and jogging. Andrew is a 53 year old, Catholic male. I have been vegetarian since for ethical reasons. I strongly support animal rights and I am in contact with many organizations involved in protecting animals.

I know I have more to learn about helping reduce the cruelty to all creatures and I am hoping to connect with others who can help me progress. I have never been married and believe that in any relationship anything involving both people should be mutually agreed upon. Some of my hobbies include; listening to a wide variety of music, and watching vegetarian speed dating nyc especially football, hockey, and baseball.

Beth is a 52 year old, Buddhist female. Living in BrooklynNew-York Vegan diet. Fun loving, hard working, down to earth lady who believes in living a vegetarian speed dating nyc well balanced life. I live a vegan lifestyle for vgeetarian protection of the animals, the dwting and my own health. It would be wonderful to meet someone who has the same values to share life with.

Outside of that I d iverse in my interests and can adapt easily to just about any situation. I love to experience many things. I can wear the formal gown for a fancy night out to a pair of jeans and t-shirt to dig in the dirt. I have a seeking spirit and love to explore new things and places. Love to travel and have done quite a bit in and out of the USA. My travels led me to live in a Mexican Resort for two years adting work in the tourist industry.

That was many years ago, but it was a real highlight in my life. Still many places on the list I'd like to visit. Enjoy being out there in the world and being in the comforts of my home just the same. Although I'm a city girl, I also do love the outdoors from beaches to mountains and just about anything near the water. I love a good hike, bike ride and walk in nature. Spesd weekend getaways where I can combine all of that is the best!

Some of my other hobbies and datlng are Photography, Bicycle Riding from short local rides to long haul explorations, and volunteering at Animal Vegeetarian Events and Rescue Organizations. My longest relationship was for 15 years. I have been single now for 6 years and ready to find my special man to complete the circle of things I love.

NK is a 54 year old, Hindu male. Living in BuffaloNew-York Veg at vdgetarian diet. TechnoSavy CEO, Entreprenuer turned Technocrart. A mentor, motivator, trainer, Technology evangelist. I was living vegetarian speed dating nyc Buffalo, NY. Now I live in India. Practices Kudalini, Astral projection, Energy manipulations.

Walang dating in english Satsangs regularly on Spiritual topics. Living in New YorkNew-York Vegetarian diet. I have visited several countries over the last 5 years and plan on visiting more countries in dsting future. I RETIRED FROM WORK TO LIVE THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TO "JUICE" AS SOON AS WE GET UP THEN GO OUTDOORS TO TAKE SOME SUN AND EXERCISE THEN COME HOME AND MAKE LOVE, MASSAGE, TOUCH, TANTRA, KISS, HUG, CONNECT AFTER THAT "START THE DAY".

MY PASSION AND "CAREER" IN LIFE IS TO FIND WAYS AS MENTIONED ABOVE TO LIFT MY LOVE AND Vegetarian speed dating nyc INTO THE BEST POSSIBLE ORGASMIC Vegetarian speed dating nyc HERE ON THIS COSMIC PLANET WITH EACH Vegetarian speed dating nyc BREATH Jeff is a 55 year old, Jewish gay male. I am an advocate of wellness byc enjoy excellent health because of my food datinv, activity level, sleep schedule morning person hereand close interpersonal relationships with family and friends.

I am a pathologist and work vegetsrian me to Manhattan almost 10 years ago. I volunteer for my company's corporate wellness program to help my coworkers learn about ways to become and stay healthy. I hope to become a certified health coach in the near future. I have liberal political views and support social justice causes. I love dogs; they make my heart melt.

Although I don't currently have one, I envision being blessed with a canine companion when the timing is right to take on this awesome responsibiliity. In vegetarian speed dating nyc younger days my dad and I bonded over this mutual love of dogs with our daily walks. I live close to Central Park, my oasis for long walks and runs which help me maintain a proper perspective in dealing with the challenges of vegetarian speed dating nyc life.

My work and other activities have given me the good fortune to call Manhattan home. Living in IslipNew-York Vegan diet. My names joe, I've been vegan for a little while now. I'm a nursing student hoping to finish up school and move on with my life. I live for warm weather and the summer. My favorite things to do over the summer is go hiking, kayaking, and offroading on the beach.

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