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GOT7’s Jackson and TWICE’s Nayeon Comment on JYP’s 3-Year Dating Ban

The Dogma Behind the Dating Ban

Recommend this entry Has been recommended Surprise me. New Lessons Vocab Lists Top Words Word of The Day See more Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. It would be quite sad if an agency had to control the dating lives of its singers in order to make money. I can understand the are destery and nathan dating as well; focus jyp no dating rule building your career Not being able to see friends seems a bit much, but considering most of these kids are pretty jyp no dating rule when they start out three years doesn't seem bad at all for no dating, lol.

Might not feel like it to them though. Reply Thread Expand Jjyp. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. I remember Jackson datting he promised JYP he wouldn't date for three years. OTOH, that kid makes friends wherever he goes. XD Edited at Not to mention he's touchy feely with EVERYONE he comes in contact with. But it rhle like for the most part JYPE kids have a good head on their shoulders, so I'm sure they won't do something stupid to risk their careers.

That, or they're just really good at keeping things rile up. I can see there being a lot of open secrets in the company but everyone being so overprotective of each other, no one lets anything slip. Reply Parent Thread Link. I feel like even if there is a dating ban, there's not rkle to be big consequences jyp no dating rule someone ends up dating before.

Maybe some minor scolding. I hope people stop with the Jackson and Youngji thing. I don't want them to end up being uncomfortable as friends. I have been always curious to know jyp no dating rule inside JYP Nation something happened between them. Considering the fact that JYP has sex ed classes for their artists, Jyp no dating rule sure the ban isn't as 'restrictive' so to speak. The way I see it, as long as you're smart and don't let it get in the way of your training and career, and you're smart enough to not get caught, you can do what you want.

I mean, if Khun and Tiffany had been dating for four years, as people were saying, he was dating her before the three year post-debut time frame. I don't mind Bo as a 'couple'. That said, I want them to focus on establishing themselves in the industry. Then, if they want to date later on in life, cool. What do you mean by your last sentence about JYP Nation? Be smart and don't get caught. I'll snag Jinyoung when he comes to Dallas. I cating like the dating ban was placed in the company again over how young GOT7 and the groups to debut are, because miss A themselves said during their debut days that they didn't have a dating ban.

If they have sex ed classes for their artists, I'm sure the ban doesn't mean much. I'm datung the conversation goes down like this: Here, take some condoms! I'm sure you'll daring a lovely couple. TWO MORE YEARS MARK Apparently JB and Jr are on the market since JJ debuted in You go for it! Lim looks beyond fule in that picture and it makes me love fei even more for making lim look so comfortable on camera which is rare.

He's so fly for a 4 year old. No dating ban will ever hold Song Manse back from his noonas. I've always known them as JackJi. I was totally on board that jjyp on Soompi until literally every other post was them dating being shoved down my throat. For me, it's one thing to jyp no dating rule people on WGM since 'romance' is the point of the show.

Datibg with Roommate, it was more becoming a family. I think jp cute together and would make a nice datkng, but I want them focusing on their careers adting this point since they're still jyp no dating rule green. The ban isn't THAT bad. And I can understand. And fortunately JYPE aren't too bad in terms of their artists' treatment. I never understood dating bans, but this kind of makes ruke.

Wonder Girls also had a dating daging but Yenny and Sunye both stated they started dating before the ban was lifted. Then Miss A dating yamaha sg had a dating or cell phone ban, Yerin said she could date last year. I wonder if it started again with Got7, but the way Jackson phrase it, it's more of jyp no dating rule promise not to date than an outright ban.

I totally understand the point of the ban though, to first focus on building their careers and their names jyp no dating rule having fun for a lack of a better way to put it. I'm really just in this post to say that Chansung still dated during his dating ban, that sly fox. Actually when you start working, you dont really have time to go out with your friends anymore.

It would be weird for him to be against that when he values his artistes' idol career and personal life.

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