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Started by jsymmesFebruary 24, This is how I installed my new AUX fuel tank: The tank was installed in the bed of hook up auxiliary fuel tank truck right behind the cab underneath a tonneau cover. The gravity fuel connection was spliced into the rubber filler hose hook up auxiliary fuel tank the fuel inlet on the side of the truck and the factory tank. After the install, the factory tank was filled to approx. When I finished placing fuel in the AUX tank I listened at the factory fill hook up auxiliary fuel tank to make sure the fuel was flowing into the factory fuel tank.

I was able to hear a gurgling sound to confirm the flow. Next I drove home and parked the truck. Then I took off the factory hook up auxiliary fuel tank fill cap and found the fuel had risen to the very top, right behind the fuel cap. During the short time that I had the cap off, I noticed the fuel was continuing to rise. This concerned me that the gravity fill float valve was leaking it was dating place in shillong below the factory fuel inlet and once the liquid was up against the back side of the fuel cap the fuel would leak through the venting of the cap.

I immediately shut off the fuel from the AUX tank to the factory tank and called the gravity fill valve manufacturer with my concerns. What I learned was the factory fuel cap does have venting capability but it is the secondary device for both allowing hook up auxiliary fuel tank to enter the tank or to relive pressure in an emergency hook up auxiliary fuel tank. I was told the cap will vent after the internal pressure is greater than 2 P.

That will happen only in an emergency because the normal venting of the factory tank is in another location and that location has insignificant restriction. So the lesson learned hook up auxiliary fuel tank not to worry if the fuel rises up to the factory filler cap because that is normal. As long as the factory fuel gauge on the dash shows full always fill at the Aux tank. How many people are using this same connection and have been happy with the operation? Diesel Auxiliary Installation Kit Only The FUEL SHOTZ auxiliary fuel tank installation kit is used to connect the auxiliary fuel tank to the factory fuel tank via the factory fill tube.

These kits are supplied with detailed instructions and take less than an hour to install. That is the same kit I used on my GMC. I never noticed the fuel rising to hook up auxiliary fuel tank top of the fill cap though. I did have a problem with the computer on the truck getting confused about fuel mileage and the fuel guage would act up so what I did was install a small ball valve on the gravity tube running from the aux tank.

I kept it closed and used it to fill the main tank while stopped. I did come to find that if I opened this ball valve after the fuel in the main tank started to hook up auxiliary fuel tank, the computer on the truck did not get get as confused. I extended all the vents to rise above the Aux tank fuel level to be sure none would syphon off. I shut the aux outlet when I initially fill the aux tank because I use my own lubricity additive and want it to mix prior to flowing into the partially empty main tank.

I fill twice if I'm in a hurry, otherwise I just take my time, cleaning windows, checking fluids, belts, etc. Thanks George, it sounds like you did a very thorough job with your installation. I just wanted to see what others have done when installing their AUX fuel tanks in case I need to change mine in the future. Mine is an electric valve that switches between the two tanks with a switch on the dash.

The one thing I do not have is a fuel gauge for the aux tank that I can see from the dash. It is a 91 gallon tank in the rear of the pickup bed with just a shallow toolbox area on top. Not intending to hijack the thread, but I'm really curious. Why would one want to have an auxiliary tank in the bed of the truck? If diesel weighs roughly 7. Plus, that doesn't include the weight of the tank itself. Seems counter-productive to me. The goal is to not have to stop for fuel so often or to be able to purchase lots of cheap fuel when you find it.

An in-bed tank is an alternative to an under bed tank, either an additional one or a larger replacement for the original. You have to decide which if either fits your needs. The weight issues are a concern, particularly for trucks that are already heavy on the front axle since the tank goes ahead of the rear axle. Or being in the back lands where it is not practical to make long drives into town for fuel on a regular basis. The fuel consumed in an hour long round trip is generally greater than the drop in MPG due to the extra weight.

It is really nice to have the choice to drive on past fuel stations in states that have particularly high fuel prices or where you really need to get on down the road. Yes, fuel is heavy, and that gets taken into consideration. The tank itself, best poz dating site, I believe weighs something around 50 or And I do have use for the tool box on top of it.

One thing I didn't mention is that even though I have an extra 91 gallons of capacity, I rarely fill the tank completely. Hook up auxiliary fuel tank of the time, it sits either hook up auxiliary fuel tank or nearly empty. When I use it, it is often with a certain trip in mind and a specific amount of fuel put in with the intent of not having a lot left over.

Sometimes, on longer trips, that does mean starting with a full tank. The point is, I have the option. And honestly, wouldn't the option to travel, loaded, over miles and not have to worry about fuel be nice? For me, it's something I appreciate. Maybe some don't care. I carry 70 gallons in the auxiliary tank in our truck bed and use a 12v pump to move it into the main tank as needed.

It also has an additional fuel filter and water separator. The prime reason for the extra tank is I don't want to have to navigate with the fifth wheel in fuel stations that are tight quarters of full of other vehicles as we often travel on secondary roads. We will unhook every 2 or 3 days and fuel up without the trailer. Russ the more fuel the greater the range Now with my MH and gallons I can go about hookup bar pomona ca before fills Ok, I see now.

I guess this would be primarily for usage when going some distance where not stopping often for fuel makes it worth it.

Installation of the DeeZee Truck Bed Auxiliary Tank on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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