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Skip to local navigation Skip to main content. Search Website Search Directory. Cosmogenic nuclides have revolutionized the study of Earth giving us a way to to measure the age of landforms and the rate at which Earth erodes. SinceUVM has maintained a laboratory dedicated to the preparation of samples for Be, Cosnogenic, and Cl. See cosmogenic dating lab video about our work in New Zealand.

Hear a VPR podcast about our work in Greenland. Webcams show the lab in action Our lab facility cosmogenic dating lab designed specifically for the extraction of cosmogenic nuclides from geologic materials including rock, soil and sediment. The lab features 5 fully exhausting, polypropylene laminar flow fume hoods and separate sub-labs for meteoric and in-situ samples. People make the lab. Sincethe UVM cosmogenic laboratory has served graduate students at both the MS and PhD level from both UVM and elsewhere.

We have hosted post-doctoral researchers as well as collaborators and run cosmogenic dating lab from around the world. Reproducible lab methods are key to sucessful sample processing. We have developed our own methods as well as adapted those of others. All are freely available for downloading. We are involved in projects all over the world. Short project summaries tell you more about what we have done, provide photographs, and provide links to relevant publications.

A list of publications authored by people working in the UVM cosmogenic laboratory and using UVM cosmogenic cksmogenic is cosmogenic dating lab.

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