What is radioactive dating of rock samples

Radiometric dating

Radioactive dating of rock samples multiple choice question?

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Lets say you have a rock with a radioactive mineral X which decays into mineral Y. You can use the percentage of X and Y to figure out how old the rock is. Each radioactive element decays at its own nearly constant rate. Once this rate is known, geologists can estimate the length of time over which decay has been occurring by measuring the amount of radioactive parent element and the amount of stable daughter elements. The proportion of parent to daughter tells us the number of half-lives, which we can use to find the age in years.

This What is radioactive dating of rock samples Might Help You. Many minerals forming the rocks have radioactive elements which decay through a fixed rate and form daughter isotopes. Thus this estimate is absolute radiometric dating. The other methods of dating is always relative to the age of underlying or overlying formation rocks or mutual inclusion concepts cross-cutting relation of rocks -intrusion or extrusion etc.

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