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We encourage posts with Edmonton related original content, stories, news, events, hot discussion topics, and as a place to seek like minded others who may share your obscure interest or hobby. Not so much a marketplace edmonton dating ideas advertising platform we're not Kijijiand please, if you have an inquiry, try to google first or to check out the wiki and the rules before posting here. Need edmonton dating ideas fresh date idea self.

Every time my girlfriend and I go out, it's the same old thing. Go to west Ed, catch a movie, go for dinner, walk around shopping, go home. I need a fresh idea. Anybody have any cool ideas? We're up for something out there! Go-karts there's at least two locations in Edmonton and Speeders is indoors if you don't want to go outside. Mini-golfing is lots of fun, plus the glow-in-the-dark one at WEM is awesome. Bowling or Pool - You can do both at Ed'sGateway LanesThe Metro is a great place downtown for pool.

Paddle boats are awesome. Rundle Edmonton dating ideas and Hawrelak Park both have them. Fort Edmonton can be fun if you haven't been in a while. They have a small amusement park now. Picnic at the legislature grounds, especially if it's going to be a hot day. Then you can wade in the infinity pool. Make a clay plate on Whyte Ave. What about one of the many festivals or goings on edmonton dating ideas we have this summer? You just missed Art Walkthe Fringe is coming up soon. I rather enjoy going to the Farmers' Market there several in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Edmonton dating ideas Fire Theathre does Chimprov on Fridays and Saturdays. I love doing this! Finally, Google is your friend. When I can't think of something for my guy and I to do, I Google "fun things to do in Edmonton", "Date Ideas in Edmonton. Most of the above are things that I've known about or done in past. Edmonton is a great city with lots of things to do. Did you know that Body Works is at the Space and Science centre? Yes, I called it the space and science centre - that's what it was when I was a kid.

Or that this website exists? Google is your friend man and don't be afraid to experiment with things you've never edmonton dating ideas before. And it also gave me something fun to do while I was procrastinating instead of doing my homework! Edmonton dating ideas like 15 bucks and you get a two hour comedy shot. I went and saw micheal malone and he was fucking hilarious.

I don't disagree about the blocks; they're is stupid as fuck. What I like about putt'n'glow is the ambiance, the mood, the fact that it's a gods damned black light induced acid trip. That makes it fun for me. Are there better courses? Yes, even Prof WEM's mini golf is a better course. Are there other places where I can giggle at my man because his teeth are glowing and he looks like a creepy jack-o-lantern?

He'll leer at me on edmonton dating ideas creepy - I laugh. Not that I know of anyway. Is Monster Mini Golf black light lit? If it is I'm going to have to edmonton dating ideas that. Its next door to gateway lanes. They also have a little arcade. If your the athletic types, rock climbing at an indoor rock wall is always fun. Or go to the water park in west ed? Head to elk island and go edmonton dating ideas a long walk. I often see beaver. There is even a paved trail if you have a stroller or wheelchair.

The Druid on Jasper Ave and st has local comedians every Sunday night, and music bingo on Mondays! People watching on whyte is usually pretty interesting too. This topic keeps coming edmonton dating ideas EVERY WEEK!! HERE and HERE being online dating oesterreich most recent ones; including edmonton dating ideas thread, there have been 3 edmonton dating ideas for date ideas in the past week.

It makes our edmonton dating ideas seem so BORING! But we're not, it just seems things aren't advertised well enough and simply relies on word of mouth. Take a look at the sunday date idea thread, YEG has posted many useful links. Personally I always start with this site: This specific page lists the most major events. There's the shakespeare plays going on daily at Hawrelak ampitheatre until next sunday. They're currently doing King Lear and a midsummers night dream.

The latter being a very good comedy. Other things are keeping an eye on this subreddit and keeping some notes. Someone further down the front page has posted the new "what the truck" location. I guess, it's more of a walk and eat thing, but it's unique given its different locations and new food vendors each time. It's always a big draw. Furthermore, there are things to do as a couple.

Go take a evening class. Be it music, dancing, cooking, language. Or sometimes it's just nice to wind down at the house. I recently got a dungeon crawler for my PS3 and my GF and I are slugging our way through that game. Very fun to level up together and beat bosses together. I'm not trying to make the city seem boring at all! Edmonton dating ideas just gotten into a routine and we are looking to mix things up.

We are actually an hour and a half out of Edmonton, so we edmonton dating ideas not well-versed in the goings on. Eh my bad if it came out the wrong way. I meant all these posts seem in general to make the city have lack of activities, not a personal attack. And that sucks you're so far out. Half my ideas don't really apply anymore edmonton dating ideas to time constraints. I suppose you can get edmonton dating ideas lot more done over the weekend then.

Other ideas can include: Devonian gardens, pack a picnic lunch and eat it along the river valley louise mckinney park is probably one of the more ideal places There's the pembima river tubing ; and here's another great resource for finding the latest events: I'd seriously recommend going Geo-caching! Here's the official edmonton dating ideas There are some beautiful locations around Jei fiestar dating with these hidden treasures, so not only do you get the fun of hunting edmonton dating ideas the cache, but you can discover incredible new areas.

If you don't want to go outside fear not: Ill make it fresh for you without changing it up too much by telling you what my girlfriend and i did. Instead of catching a movie, go to the comic strip. Its the same price, longer, way fucking funnier and you can drink if you want. There is a small place called the blue chair that has live music, cheap places like rockin robins 50s diner, bars with homemade burgers and sauces like tumbleweeds texas grill.


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