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I just started dating a shy dating a shy guy reddit reserved guy I'm the oppositehow do I get him to open up more? I'm very outgoing and talkative, but I don't like to dominant conversations. I always ask open-ended questions. Time seems like the dafing and common solution. I'm happy to be more patient and see where this dating a shy guy reddit. He's younger than me He's 25 and I'm 31so maybe he's intimidated.

I'm much more experienced in dating than he is. My baby shhy is super introverted and quiet, but I never get to see her. She's not so reserved around my mom, as they are very close. I was the same way in grade school. Fish finder dating site was super shy and quiet except when I was around my best friend. Maybe these are good examples. Don't pressure him to open up. Accept him for who he is. If he feels less pressure, he'll be more comfortable and might open up more.

If you're dating him, hoping to change him into an extrovert, you're going to be disappointed. Also, keep in mind that he may be reserved due to past experiences. I've seen lots of examples of "my girlfriend constantly tried to get me to open up more, but as soon as I did, she dumped me. It would be like if he were to try to ask "How can I get my girlfriend to be less outgoing and talkative?

He might be that way for a good reason, he might've just been born that way. I think it's curious that you two are two different types of personalities when it comes to interpersonal experiences, yet he is the one who sshy expect to change. How would you feel about your boyfriend trying to pressure you into not buy as outgoing or talkative?

I just wanted to bring that up. Beyond that though, if you provide a accepting and open environment, that could help him feel like he can open up, but it isn't something you should expectonly something you can hope for. I made this point in an earlier response, but you're right. Dating a shy guy reddit am naturally outgoing and open, no one can change that.

The best solution would just being patient and accepting. I'll be honest with you, open-ended questions can drive a taciturn man like your new guy crazy. What is he into? What matters to him? Does he have an avocation that makes his paying work just a "day job"? Ask him about it, and show genuine interest. However, open-ended questions dating a shy guy reddit his passions are a minefield.

If I was on a first date with you, and you asked me what I do when I'm not working, I would tell you, "I'm also a published sci-fi author," and nothing more unless you then expressed interest in my work. To do otherwise, would most likely bore you and reveal me for a boor. Oh, I find jobs to be interesting at times. Learning about new industries and such. I always become interested in a guy's interests, which is why I have so many! A person is boring when he lacks passion in something.

If he loves playing the guitar, sports, learning about politics, reading, etc I love learning new things. In time, he may become more comfortable and open up more around you. If you make sure not to judge him, he'll feel safer trusting you in talking more about himself. My girlfriend and Dating a shy guy reddit had a similar dynamic when we started dating and she really helped me by being patient. She didn't pressure me into sex, she didn't push affection when I wasn't ready for it and she always gave me the time of day.

A lot of reserved people are just like that when they're getting to know new people so give him a few weeks and he'll open right up. The more you force it the more he will resist it. Let it happen naturally and just be there for him in the meantime. I know sgy my redeit is an extrovert while my father is introverted. My dad rarely talks, but when they're together his arm usually finds dating a shy guy reddit way around her waist, or he'll find a quiet spot and pull her into a kiss dating a shy guy reddit a hug.

She's usually resting her head on his lap, things like that. How are his mannerisms? Does he tend to tighten up around the shoulders while you're in a large group? Does he appear a little bit lost or like he wants to leave quickly? Is he better at texting than talking? These are characteristics I personally have. I moderated this by usually keeping group interactions to around 5 to 10 people at max and putting myself into a work environment that required regularly interacting with new people.

I'm pretty sure I can ask anyone for their telephone number and get it at this point by using the right tone and context. You can't change what does not want to be changed. Embrace him for who he is and see where it goes from there. First I'd just like to say sorry so many folks jumped on you for this. It's a bit easy for introverted folks to be defensive about people wanting you reedit 'open up', because it generally means making us do things we just sht enjoy.

That there's a lot of implication that being less social, not going out dating a shy guy reddit much, etc, is kind of being dating a shy guy reddit broken loser. But that all aside, Rexdit assume you just want to make sure he's comfortable with you. Patience helps but that could also just let reeddit stagnate. If you want to be more dsting in it, just try to engage his interests. Like find something he enjoys, maybe do research on it outside of him, and then dating a shy guy reddit him about it.

I had a super anxious girlfriend before, and that was how I helped her relax. Just asking out of politeness is obvious though, it's why I suggest researching on your own, make your interest in him an interest in whatever it is your looking up. When you two share something like that, he'll likely warm up quicker. He's a new guy in your life. Enjoy him for what attracted you to him in the fating place.

Don't try changing him just yet. Let him come to you. If you like him enough as he is to date him, why try to change him? Accept him for who he is or move on. I understand where your coming from my girlfriend is the dating a shy guy reddit as your SO. Try and just encourage conversation by bringing up topics that you know they enjoy.

If it becomes a problem then I say communicate with them that you'd like them to be a bit more talkative. It's not trying to change someone it's just expressing what you need in this particular relationship.


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