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All models, NO "made in U. All models, "made in U. Stamped on the back of the peghead. All stamps in the same size type. Used from to present:. White label as used from to This label is from a L-4 model. Oval white label as used from spring to January Orange label as used from January to The to orange labels are identical, except for the added text "union made". The "inked on" serial number on a Les Paul standard solidbody guitar. This style serial number was used on all to solidbody Gibson guitars.

The "inked on" serial number on gibson custom shop serial number dating Les Paul Junior has no space between the "9" digit year and the rest of the numbers. This happened only in, and when production required a number above "", thus occupying the space. Gibson Serial Numbers, tosolid body models. Note this style of "Made in the U. Stamped in serial numbers, used from to The number on the left is still a "pressed in" number, though gibson has inked the impression to make it more readable they started doing this about orwhen serial numbers went to six digits.

The number in the middle is from on an ESand the number in the right is from on an Les Paul TV Special. Note the lack of "Made in USA", thus denoting these are pre guitars. Exceptions to the and later 8 digit serial numbers. Vintage reissue gibson custom shop serial number dating custom shop models use a different serial number format. In only, the Nashville Gibson factory numbered all instruments with a 94xxxxxx style number.

Inked on serial number in a YYYY-MM format. This funky formatting keys the YYYY number to a ranking of the model according to the years of centenial corresponds to 1, corresponds toetc. The MM was the month of the model within the series, ranging from 1 to 14 but only 12 models were actually produced, plus 2 prototypes. The LP Classic have a s style inked serial number with the first digit decoding to the last gibwon of the year. Vintage Reissues and Custom Shop Models, to present. Ggibson models have their own serial number system, and are not shp in serual document.

Without Gibon it is tibson possible to place orders and a number of features will not be available. Vorige Icp dating website 2 of 7 Volgende. Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin on label, date sometimes penciled under top. Oval label with serial number, no model name, photo of Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin: Number and model name on white gison label, number range to Hand ink or penciled gibson custom shop serial number dating overlap with previous style: Ink stamped, not penciled.

Low end models with no serial number. No serial number used on lower line instruments date by Factory Order Number. Instruments with an "Artist" serial number should also have a Factory Order Number by which a date can be cross-referenced. Number preceded by an "A-" on white oval label: Number preceded by an "A" on orange oval label: Note the "-" after the gibson custom shop serial number dating was dropped for the orange labels. First number denotes last digit of year, followed by custoj space and 4 digits, or no space and 5 digits.

No space and 5 digits following the year only occured in, and In Gibson forgot to reset their serial number back to 5 Instead they continued the series, just changing the first digit to werial "5" for For this reason the gibson custom shop serial number dating numbers exceeded "5 ", hence 5 digits and no space following the year had to be used.

Apparently production was high enough in to exceed "6 ". Letter followed by 3 digits, custom shop or limited edition models only: Gibson Hollowbody instruments to Gibson Solidbody instruments to Used from to present: Serial Number Configuration and Placement: Gibson Non-Hyphen Serial Numbers, to Series starts with Note the format of these serial numbers has NO HYPHEN and NO LETTERS.

Gibson Serial Numbers for Hollow bodies, to This "Artist" series serial numbers were only used on mid to upper end instruments. Year Number A Apr 28 A Jul 2 A Dec 1 A A Jan 8 A Jul 2 A Dec 8 A A Jan 5 A Jul 1 A Dec 1 A A Jan 3 A Jul 3 A Dec 4 A A Jan 4 A Jul 2 A Dec 3 A A Jan 2 A Jul 1 A Dec 1 A A Jan 8 A Jul 1 A Dec 2 A A Jan 5 A Jul 1 A Dec 1 A A Jan 6 A Jan 12, last white label. Note A to A not used A Jan 13, First orange label A Jul 1 A Dec 1 A A Jan 6 A Jul 3 A Dec 1 A A Jan 3 A Jul 3 A Dec 3 A A Jan 6 A Jul 1 A Dec 1 A A Jan 9 A Jul 13 A Dec 2 A A Jan 4 A Jul 1 A Dec 1 A A Jan 3 A Feb 1 A Feb 21, Last "A" number Left: Ink stamped number on back top of peghead.

Starting inthe first number is the last number of the year.

GIbson Custom Shop Rick Nielsen 1959 Les Paul • SN: RN045

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