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Blood Typing and Crossmatching

There are actually three tests that are done to evaluate donors. They are blood type, crossmatch, and HLA testing. Blood Typing There are 4 different blood types. The matchmaking blood group common blood type matchmaking blood group the population is type O. The next most common is blood matchmaking blood group A, then B, and the rarest is blood type AB. The blood type of the donor must be compatible with the recipient. The rules for blood type in transplantation are the same as they are for blood transfusion.

Some blood types can give to others and some may not. Blood type O is considered the universal donor. People with blood type O can give to any other blood type. Blood type AB is called the universal recipient because they can receive an organ or blood from people with any blood type. The chart below shows which blood type can donate to which. HLA stands for human leukocyte antigen. Antigens are proteins on the cells in the body. Out of over different antigens that have been identified, there are six that have been shown to be the most important in organ transplantation.

Of these six antigens, we inherit three from each parent. Except in cases of identical twins and some siblings, it is rare to get a six-antigen match between two people, especially if they are unrelated. Kidneys are very successfully transplanted between two people with no matching antigens. Antibodies can result from blood transfusions, pregnancy, infections or even a viral illness. Having one of these events does not mean a person will make antibodies but they could.

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Blood Transfusion Procedure - The ABO Blood Group System

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