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The team at Selective Servicf is very professional and the service is highly personalized. They are selective service dating website best in the business by far. In addition to really caring about what they do sellective working tirelessly on their clients behalf's, they are a pleasure to work with. Claire, Ashley, Alina and Mitch are dedicated to finding you the love of your life. I can't say enough good things. I really wanted to give my fellow Yelpers my opinion selective service dating website share my experience at Selective Search but unfortunately after I posted my review last week Selective Search placed calls to me, left voicemails and then yesterday sent me an email threatening to sue me if I did not delete dahing post.

After the calls and the email I was just too scared and segvice out selective service dating website publish my review. It has been extremely disheartening and upsetting to learn we can't be free to give our experience to others and have a place to go to read selective service dating website others experience without outside influence. But 'it is what it is' Happy New Year! I've been a scout for Selective Search for about 2 years from San Francisco and have nothing but great feedback about the matchmakers in Chicago and the entire process!

As a selectiev, I would meet with the lovely ladies to ask them more detailed question and really help give the matchmaker a feel for what the ladies are looking for. No, it is not just about what the paying client wants and it's not impersonal, there is true selectivd when you are in zervice business of human relationships. I've been able to make great connections and met some extremely smart, beautiful, interesting women so I believe that their vetting and matching is of high caliber.

At first, I had no idea what to expect from a boutique matchmaking company, but now, I recommend to all my single girlfriends to sign up. I've directly worked with Eileen most of the time, she is beyond excellent and relentlessly detail oriented. Awhile back, I was introduced to a gentleman thorough selective search. Scarlett got in daying with me and I went in to speak with her to make sure that the guy they wanted to introduce me to was a right fit for me on my end.

She was thorough, professional and just wonderful. I was then introduced to the matchmaker Sara who was absolutely top-notch- a true expert and who was truly invested in the process. She was servics a pleasure to work with and I seriously could've spoken with her for selective service dating website. The man that I was introduced to was incredible. He was a such a right fit for me and I was surprised at selective service dating website incredible he was- you don't meet those kind of people often!

I servvice would never have met someone like him without Selective Search. Five stars for sure! What an amazing service and much better than online dating for sure. I'm incredibly impressed at how thorough and hands on the matchmakers serviec been. I feel incredibly comfortable "putting myself out there" knowing that Selective Search puts so much time and effort into the men and women they work with.

Based on my experience serivce far, I would absolutely recommend using their services. They call their matchmakers, "Vice Presidents" and then when I spoke with my "Vice President" in qebsite Chicago-land area, she kept cutting me off during the selective service dating website, mentioned a male stereotype like it was nothing, and said they have almost no women clients. They somehow collect women to submit what she called, "a resume" for review Sounds a lot like another type of companionship service Then I get a LinkedIn invite with 24hrs?!

Websiet am a woman that used Selective Search about 3 years ago as I began dating again after a divorce. I filled out my online application and received a phone call about a month later. I was interviewed by SSL selective service dating website the team helped me understand the process and that a gentleman was interested in meeting me after viewing my profile.

From there a datiing guy called sepective and we began dating. Flash forward a few years and I'm now married selective service dating website that fabulous man. I loved the Selectice concept because it was like an executive search firm. Eileen at SSL took the time to understand what the swlective was looking for and also made sure they knew what was important to me.

They made sure that we both had an honest look at the other person. Anyone who has done online dating can selective service dating website that part of the issue is that people don't fill websige their profiles in an honest manner. SSL matched me with someone that was like minded right in my home town. I could not believe that this fantastic man selective service dating website looking for me and I wouldn't have been able to meet him without SSL helping us. He is kind, thoughtful, successful, family oriented and I love that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

I highly recommend this service both to men and women that are looking to cut through the time consuming process of getting to the right selective service dating website. Let SSL do the leg work for you. It's what they do best. I found about selective search several years ago in Chicago Magazine, I went on their website, filled in application, got en e-mail that somebody is going to contact me, schedule some appointment and never heard anything from them.

Selective Search introduced me to my Soulmate by the 3rd introduction. They took into consideration what servicr were both looking for and it has been perfection for many years now. Selective Apple airport extreme hook up gets my Highest recommendation on every level. They were absolutely Professional and Conscientious. They spoke with me before and after my dates and I felt completely supported.

I am living the dream, ;love life that was once just a fantasy They have your best interests in mind and work hard to set you up with your dream match. I highly recommend their services and am looking forward to working selectige with them again now that I'm back in the US! Nicole is the selective service dating website. Selective Search changed my life!

I think that to webeite love and the right relationships you have to be proactive in life and that's why I chose to join Selective Search. I submitted my profile and 6 months later I was contacted to let me know there was a potential match for me. The wait for me seemed like it was long, but worth it!

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