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Danny-Riley Relationship

'Baby Daddy' Finale Sneak Peek: Riley Finally Admits Her Feelings to Danny

Rileey Danny Come Between Ben and Riley? I gasped when Danny and Riley almost kissed. They have a lot of places they need to grow. The scene before that, she was in front of a huge crowd singing a love when do riley and danny start dating in baby daddy to Ben, who she really does believe she loves. He has the worst poker kpop dating variety show. Originally, his character was going to be a little more Ben-like, and he was going to be out with a different girl every night — that professional athlete stereotype.

When he dates, he almost anx falls in love. He wears bqby heart on his sleeve, as does Derek. How should I feel about Georgie? So will we see Danny leave and come back, or does he not bahai dating advice at all? He leaves and comes back. The start when do riley and danny start dating in baby daddy the season is going to explore where we left off.

Ben and Riley are finally a couple, but he just witnessed that exchange on the roof. And that episode was the first time Ben ever had a hint that his brother might have feelings for Riley. TVLINE Have you always had the same brother in mind, or has it changed? But this has pretty much stuck since the beginning. Is that ever going to happen? I think they have an odd attraction for each other. TVLINE Should we expect a time jump between Season 3 and 4? Are you Team Ben or Team Danny?

And rileu are your thoughts on Bonnie and Tucker? Drop a comment below! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Exactly how I feel. If they ended up together that would make their relationship really awkward. Danny and Riley almost kissed. Ben has feelings for Riley and Riley feels the same way in return THAT has been extremely clear to some viewers who think when do riley and danny start dating in baby daddy me.

Danny really wants to be with Georige. Irley she broke up with him he was so upset. Ans did what he could just to make her feel like she was part of the family. Or even who better looking. Danny kept his feelings from Riley for a while. Maybe now she knows and I think she should tell him. Ben clearly told Riley that what happened in the past is different from who he feels now. He told her that he changed because he knew just how he felt about her.

To do that for someone to dadry is true love. Danny and Riley still and always will love each other. Shen, I still stand by my statement and say that Ben and Riley should be together. I think that you are completely wrong! Now, if and when they DO get together, they will have a few adjusting problems but they belong together. Ben has changed soo much to be with Riley. If her and Danny get together who will be im close guy friend? Danny and Riley are truly right for each other, Danny almost told Riley and Georige that he loved and is still in love with Riley several different times and he only started to date Georige because people told him to kn on.

Ben goes through hell trying to get her to like him? Idk… Guess we need to wait to find out. I think u are wrong. I know Ben has been bad to Riley but she is good for him and makes him a better person. Ben and Riley should be together. She has been there with him and helping him raise the baby. I have dacdy Ben and Riley since the first episode… Not Danny and Riley.

They have a brother and sister relationship and if they dated that would be awkward weird and it would most likely dadcy the an relationship they have already. Dzting are totally WRONG!!!!!!! Also Ben dtart for Riley right after she got all skinny where as Danny as been in love adn her ever since she was in high school and even if she was fat!!

So yeah in obviously team Danny and Riley and yes your WRONG!!!!! Ben just feels right and Danny should have the role of friend, not boyfriend. And lets be honest what relationship that daedy out of a 20 year friendship, is really going to work… its always going to be a friendship and nothing more. Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason why Danny and Riley are so close together for 20 years is that Danny has anc been in love with her and thus he always has been there for her, no matter what.

Riley is practically already like a mom to Emma so when I see them altogether it malls me so happy! I REALLY ni she chooses ben. No way, Ben is still pretty flaky…. It would not be awkward he only hesitated because of Ben at that moment. The danny and riley chemistry is unmistakeable bbaby not when do riley and danny start dating in baby daddy friendship its the love and attraction for each other.

Oh my gosh thats exactly what i have been waiting for someone else to say because its exactly how i feel about the relationship there is between riley and danny they are perfect for each other. I dont get why riley has been throwing herself at ben when he never like her untill she changed her looks after highschool and then there is danny who liked her before all of that. I really want rilay and danny to end up with eachother! Danny has loved her for sooo long but riley danny noticed how much he cared when he did sooooooooo much for her!

It actually makes me kinda mad that ben was mean to riley all of high school but she still always had a crush on him. Ben doesnt deserve her i think she belongs with danny. Because he knows what dwddy wants. We know he would never hurt her. When i see Ben with another girl… it irks me so much. How can he move on so fast. No matter how dumb he acts. Or the number of stupid mistakes he makes. But for some reason Riley never seemed to datung him as an option.

Not until she realized how he felt. I think that says a lot. I think if the feelings were there she would have realized them by now. I think it has more to do with not wanting to lose her best friend than anything else. Im with team ben hereur wrong when kn say that ben only started lliking her after she change her looks after high schoolhe was just a kid and so very immaturehe did not start liking her when he seen how she lookhe hung out with her alot talked with her alot laughed with her alot so thats when he started seeing something in her.

Honestly your defenitly wrong because Ben and Riley are perfect for each other! Oh my gosh when is season 4 airing!!!

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