Are the guys from pentatonix dating

Are Kirstie & Avi from Pentatonix Dating? Their Relationship Status Is Pretty Clear


Alexandra Daluisio on April 7, at Although many YouTube stars have come out in videos recently, Drew Monson is not one of them. But even though the young adult admitted to crushing on the openly gay Mitch and even kissed him on camerahe never actually addressed the question he asked in the title. In the moment I realized it would be interesting to talk about and I hope it was.

I was nervous to upload it. Many people seem to have the view that any thought or experience outside of heterosexuality completely renders you a gay person. But try and not let them bring you shame. Can we get a slow clap?? Connor has over five million subscribers on YouTube and back in he decided to tell all of them that he was gay.

Before his December 8 video titled "Coming Out," he had denied that he was homosexual and even posted a video months before called "I'm Not Gay. Connor was truthful and very articulate throughout, and ended the vid by saying, "I don't want anyone to be afraid; I don't want anyone holding back who they are. On June 9,beauty guru Ingrid Nilson aka missglamorazzi shocked everyone by uploading a video called "Something I Want You To Know Coming Out.

It feels so good to say that. This Australian star came out to the YouTube community in He started his straightforward video by saying the date, because he had actually told his family that he was gay on the same day three years prior. While the singer waited quite some time to tell his subscribers, he said his sexual orientation was "not something [he's] ashamed of.

The year-old cutie revealed that he first opened up about his feelings when he was 14 years old to one of his best friends. He continued to talk about how he told his dad and the rest of his family, in order to show others how he got through the process of telling everyone who was close to him. He even added his e-mail address on his channel so anyone could reach out to him if they need help with their own journey. Gigi Gorgeous has transformed in front of her followers' very eyes.

In fact, she actually started her career on YouTube as Gregory Gorgeous. In DecemberGigi took a moment to sit down and explain to people what was going on in her life. Back in JulyShane came out as bisexual in an emotional minute video. The year-old YouTube star talked about how long are the guys from pentatonix dating was confused about his sexuality, and the back and forth he went through in his mind while trying to figure it out.

I can't honestly say I'm straight. But I can honestly say that I am open to love in any way, and I guess that makes me bisexual," Shane said before he signed off. The year-old social media star got very creative in how he told his fans that he was gay. In fact, his coming out video was really cool. The music video tells the story of a prince who gets his own prince in the end after battling his own evil twin.

He had his own happily-ever-after kiss and in that moment confirmed his sexuality at the same time. He also posted a follow-up video where he openly discussed being gay the day after his music video was published. Like Joey, the hilarious Trevor Moran decided to come out in a cool music video called "I Wanna Fly. The 17 year old left fans a bit confused for about a week, but then he uploaded another video where he finally admitted that he was gay.

The Rhodes Bros don't have millions of followers, but their coming-out video was viewed by 21 million people, which makes it one of the most viewed ever! On June 14,Austin and Aaron, who are twins, announced that they are both gay with a video that was heartfelt and definitely emotional. The pair kept the camera rolling as they called their dad he was far away so they couldn't tell him in person to tell them about their sexuality. Both boys started crying almost immediately, and are the guys from pentatonix dating had a hard time getting the words out.

Their dad's reaction was everything. That will never change. Lucas aka Fred Figglehorn quit YouTube for a little bit he is officially back making videos, thank goodnessbut back inwhen he was regularly making videos he managed to announce that he was gay in a very casual way. The two couldn't stop laughing as they talked about it. Lucas then said, "My family and friends have known for three years, I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet.

Alex, who is better known by his YouTube name, TheRealAlexBertie, decided to address rumors about him being transgender in a video titled "Transgender Coming Out," in He explained, "yes, I am transgender. The YouTuber wrote all his feelings in a letter and was so happy when she reacted with a smile. Jordan, who is commonly known as Jordan Doww, had an interesting and very powerful way of coming out. The announcement itself was only two minutes, but that was enough time to make are the guys from pentatonix dating statement.

The cool vid featured other people, who szohr dating talking about who they were and what defined them. Their common link was that they were all human, which is what Jordan wanted to prove. Jordan titled his post and video, are the guys from pentatonix dating Jordan Doww. I Am Gay, I Am Human. The Monastero Twins might only have 50 thousand followers which is impressive, might we addbut their coming out video got over 3 million viewse.

With the help of a hidden camera, the brothers spoke openly to their parents and made one of the most authentic and inspiring videos of all time. Jordan Raskopolous, member of the Australian comedy troop Axis of Awesome, came out as transgender in a video titled, "What Happened to Jordan's Beard? We've got all the info you'll need on your favorite teen celebrities, TV shows and new movie releases like Selena Gomez, One Direction, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and Divergent, plus are the guys from pentatonix dating games and polls.

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