Explain the principle behind radiometric dating


Principles of Radiometric Dating

This conversation is explwin closed by Expert. Become a Meritnation Franchisee! Let us call you for FREE. Did not find your question? No Problem Dxplain this as a question. Ayushman Sahuasked a question. This is used by archeologists to determine the age of fossil remains at radimoetric. It depends on the decay of the radioactive isotope carbon radiocarbon to nitrogen.

Carbon dating is a method to estimate the age of carbon containing materials like trees. Carbon C has three naturally occurring isotopes. Both C and C are stable, but C decay to nitrogen with a half-life of approximately explain the principle behind radiometric dating, years. Animals and plants naturally incorporate both the C and C during their lifetimes. When a creature dies, it explain the principle behind radiometric dating to consume more radiocarbon while the C already in its body continues to decay back into nitrogen.

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Radiocarbon Dating

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