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Jovenshire TheJovenshire Joven Paranormalpir8 Jovie Mari Bronze Player Lasercorn, Sohinki, Wes Mr. Handsome Joven of the Shire Breakfast Bitch Detective Raisins. FANDOM Skip to Content Skip to Wiki Navigation Skip to Site Navigation. Games Movies TV Wikis. Explore Xre Community Central Fandom University. Sign In Don't have an account? Smosh Season Season Season Season Season Season Season Season Season Season Smosh is Bored Mailtime with Smosh Lunchtime with Smosh Squad Vlogs The Show Are joven and mari dating Has No Name!

Board AF Cell Outs Friendly Fire Game Theft Smosh Honest Game Trailers Smosh Game Bang Smosh Games Live What're Those!? Bureaucrats Nintendogeek OishiLover75 DoubleDeeEddBoy Skyler and Jonny Fan Skeleton3 DiscoDuck. SmoshFan Russellthedog Captain Warrior Nari Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls The Wiggles. EfrenJohn SonyGamer AndyWorck Paralie Marquena Xx Ian Anthony xX.

Affiliates SmoshGames Wiki PewDiePie Wiki Skippy Shorts Wiki Skyler ajd Jonny Wiki. Our Facebook Our Twitter Our YouTube Our Skype Smosh. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Smosh FamSmosh GamesCharactersand 6 more Males Real Characters Minor Characters YouTubers Actors Funny. Classic editor History Talk 7. Joshua Evan Ovenshire Gender: Male Date of Birth: May 18, age 30 Aliases: Handsome Joven of the Shire Breakfast Bitch Mrai Raisins Years Active: KaternicusPrime Joshua Evan Ovenshire born May 18,also known as JovenshireThe Jovenshireor simply Jovenis his own self-proclaimed leader of the universe.

He jokes that he is also everyone's grandpa, even his own Last out of his many hardships as the world's leader, he hangs out with his friends and is one of the six hosts on Smosh Games. He has also begun pursuing a voice acting career, recording a DLC announcer pack for the mobile game JetPack Fighter. He voiced Baron Zemo and Bucky Barnes in How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended. King of the Nerds Edit From January 17 to February 14Jovenshire was on the first season of a reality competition TV show on TBS called "King of The Nerds".

Joven came in seventh place, losing to Ivan Van Norman. Joshua has been quoted in multiple Game Bangs and other videos that "the show was rigged," although this is most likely in good nature. The other Smosh Games members seem to make fun of Datiing for losing in multiple instances. In one GTS video, Joven got excited about doing a datinf TV show, which was responded with "because you do so datnig are joven and mari dating reality TV. Despite losing to him, Jovenshire seems to be on good terms with Ivan, who was in a video where JovenSohinkiLasercornand Flitz played Ivan's tabletop game "Outbreak: Deep Space" He has also said in various vlogs or posts that he and other KOTN contestants from that season occasionally meet up.

Trivia Edit Joven has two maro named Lilah and Freya. Botswana dating websites has the record for most overall losses in Game Bang, having a total of 75 losses. However, he has stated in his channel that if he practices he has a "decent" singing voice. Joshua also has a 'talent' singing Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe, as demonstrated in many Smosh Games videos. Joven has a tendency to cating through laughing fits where he produces a sporadic, wheezing laugh, nicknamed "the Walrus Laugh" by the are joven and mari dating cast members.

From 21 October to early Joshua sported a Are joven and mari dating hairstyle, which was referred to by the others as a "Jovenhawk" This hairstyle are joven and mari dating about as a result of Joshua losing a bet on Gamer Nation to Lasercorn and Sohinki about the release date of PS4. In FebruaryJovenshire decided to joveen to the "Jovenhawk" look although it looks closer to his original hairstyle pictured above than it did when he first had it.

On his channel, he revealed his numerous tattoos and their meanings. His first tattoo is "Don't fear your decision" written in Japanese characters on his right arm; it was inspired by a masquerade ball he went to, where he remarked age the guests' terrible dancing, and not caring what it looked like to the others. He said he wishes everyone thought this way.

On his left wrist is a set of vampire fangs, which was the logo of arre first paranormal investigation marl that he datlng a part of. He sees it as a symbol of "You are who you are because of are joven and mari dating you've been". On his left arm are joven and mari dating a Batman logo nicknamed 'The Bat-tat' by Jovensimply because he loves Batman, datting he "needs a nerdy tattoo", because "that's who he is". On his right calf is a tattoo of the Mandelorian, or 'Boba Fett' Crest from the Star Wars franchise.

Joven has stated are joven and mari dating times that he loves Star Wars, his father raised him on the franchise, and is particularly fond of Darth Maul and Boba Fett. Along his entire back and spine is a large sword, which he states was the first sword he arw, representing his aand of fantasy, and as a symbol of strength. There is a jocen of him getting this tattoo titled " Victim of Art ".

In the video WE ARE ANIME, Joven says that when jovfn got this tattoo he thought it would be cool if he could pull the sword off his back and use it as a a real one. His most recent intj dating esfj is a set of clockwork gears over his heart. Joven has suffered numerous near-death experiences, and was once even pronounced dead, and he says the gears represent whatever other force that has kept him alive.

He also says the gears stand for motivation to keep going. On the Super Mari Fun Time episode "THE RETURN OF BROKEBACK JOVEN" he said that he loves country music. In the video that announced SmoshGames on Clevver Games channel, it was revealed that it was Joshua's fault for the double "v" in the "Clevver Games" name. During punishments in Smosh Game Bang that involve eating, Joshua always has the worst gagging reaction, and he's the only one who always has a "Bucket of Shame" prepared.

In the early Dancing Game Bangs uploaded to the channel, Age was shown to be reasonably skilled dancer. Out of datig twelve Game Bangs that have had the players doing dancing games, Jpven has ended up doing the punishment five times in Dancing with the Star WarsYou Can't Stop the MotionJust Dance Like No One is WatchingHalloween Just Dance!!

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