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Pastor Jamal Bryant is on Facebook. To connect with Pastor Jamal Bryant, join Facebook today. Pastor Jamal Bryant RT ruralrooted: April 18, at 9: Nina Simone Davis Tyrese is always defensive. Everyone is not headed to the kingdom of God. I am waiting for you to make some gospel songs! Giving back to the Lord for Blessing you with that great talent! Alisa Griffin Tyrese couldn't have watched the Periscope. I watched it this morning. No shade was thrown at Tyrese. His name was mentioned because he asked the question.

Tyrese jumped to conclusions and thought Tyrese gibson dating evangelists Bryant was coming for him. Shakti Sankofa Just because a person is in the pulpit doesn't mean that your in the body of Christ. It tyrese gibson dating evangelists means that they have a high paying job in a religious organization. Marie Bright I see the media and gossip mediums are sleeping in the bed with satan and taking out of context what Dr.

Bryant was addressing regarding the gospel music that is on its own platform in this age. Tyrese was man handled by the discord the enemy has sown because he too have a call on his life and he has been called by the Lord. Tyrese is caught in between two worlds and caught in the midst of three enemies himself, the devil and the secular music industry.

The enemy already had his diabolical plan in place to sow discord against Dr. Bryant, the christian artists who are a part of this klarkent project and Tyrese. When the enemy is exposed, rest assure persecution will be present. The truth is the truth. Oh My God sounds entirely too much like secular music. Yes it has positive lyrics but many still forget how to study the strategies of the enemy.

Satan knows how to manipulate music and present it to people as something to be validated as tyrese gibson dating evangelists in the eyes of God. If many of us would do our homework regarding how things are done tyrese gibson dating evangelists the music industry, they will find out that many Christian artists are controlled and told that they can make music and will even demand them not to mention the name of Jesus Christ.

They can say God, but as we know there are many gods, so what "god" are they referring to? You have christian artists who are very carnal and soulish. And their music reveals their fruit. Don't give it to him man. This brother will pull many away. It will be worse when he lets others know they don't need church. Then how are we gonna back track out of it. Don't feed him the platform that he's been trying to get for some time tyrese gibson dating evangelists. Khabira Tucker I would love to see you guys do something together suchbasba healthy dialog.

Kesha Kelly I was on the scope obviously Tyrese didn't watch it

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