Hara dating allkpop

Netizens give mixed reactions toward Hara and Sulli's kiss on the lips

Hara's agency denies she's dating G-Dragon

The two stars were seen shopping together in Tokyo's Harajuku district on July 29 by both Japanese and Korean fans. However, the agencies of both parties have denied the rumors and come forward to state that they're just friends. Harajuku is a very busy place, and both of them knew that Korean tourists were around them. Lee Soo Hyuk needed to buy something, so as a dongseng, Hara helped him out. Rap Monster talks about what differentiates BTS from other K-pop groups in TIME interview. Hara and JunHyung said they are too busy with their schedules to continue on their relationship.

And here's Hara going out spending time shopping with SooHyuk. Why can't aklkpop spend those time on JunHyung instead? What will JunHyung feel about it? Although he said that he is not sadbut we as his fan can feel the pain that he is going through. He expressed all of it through writing and composing beautiful songs. I'm not an anti of Hara ;and I'm not saying this as a B2UTY.

It's their decision that they broke up, so just respect it. Don't go blaming it on Hara that she grew out of her relationship with Dsting and that now he's butthurt. Is he the one in Falling In Love? He looks cute and pale lol. Rap Monster talks about what differentiates BTS from other K-pop hara dating allkpop in TIME interview Get K-POP Merch allkpop Hara dating allkpop Shop.

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Big Bang's G Dragon, Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In, Sulli, and Hara Were Spotted Hanging Out Together !!

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