Will skill based matchmaking be removed

Is Skill Based Matchmaking going to be removed?

Petition to remove skill based matchmaking

Skill based matchmaking needs to be removed self. It is ridiculous that Wll have to work my ass off in a casual game to do well. If I wanted matchmzking have a real challenge then I would just play competitive. Mwtchmaking whole idea of skill based matchmaking ruins the fun of the game. I'm not saying that I just want to pub stomp every game but its just pointless in my eyes when I come up against groups of tryhards every single game, which quite frankly makes the whole game a stressful experience.

I'm flattered, truly, but I think this game believes I'm better than I am. I've always played COD and never been anything but mediocre at FPS in general. Due to the nature of SBMM it's the same with this game, currently 0. There's no variation in these matches. It's the same shit every time. I'm chronically unexceptional in COD games, and that's fine by me, because some matches I'd get my ass handed to me and others I'd be at the top of the lobby.

I never knew what to expect. Time is needed to sort all the players into according levels. If you are playing really good players then that means they aren't in the levels they belong in, they need to be higher up. Every game I have ever played with a ranking will skill based matchmaking be removed always has the same problems near launch, completely unfair games.

Then eventually things get sorted, good players rise removde and everything usually works out ok. I bump into a group of 5 try hards that camp with their HBRa3's and Bal's on every map. They've got a spot they hold down on every map. Really makes me wonder if they wall. Because it doesn't matter what angle you come at them, they're right there to pop you in the face.

This is an even bigger problem on PC as it limits the amount of players you find in matchmaking from an already small pool of players. It becomes really apparent when getting matched up with the same players day after day. Ha yeah, I see the same people in Kill Confirmed all the time. Connection should always be preferred in non ranked games.

I've been playing against the same players in every game today. I don't like them so I leave the game cursing in chat and stuff. I hop into another game, atleast I hope it's another game but I just get pushed back into the same group of players over and over. Will skill based matchmaking be removed is on pc by the way. To all the people who are on the nuts of SBMM and think it's ok, all of you forget the fact that most tryhards are in parties.

I would be completely fine with SBMM if there was a mercenary playlist, but sadly there isn't. So unfortunately for me a solo playerthe players whose "skill" is close to mine, are in parties and I am not. So what may seem like a fair and "same skill" lobby, really isn't. If there are any bad randoms or people whose actual skill doesn't match what there skill seems to be.

Parties are doubly annoying, because sbmm can't account for all party members. It only accounts for the party leader, which a lot of groups exploit to get into lower skilled lobbies. MM needs to be connection first. If you're going to down vote me at least respond with a link of Skkill explaining how their MM works.

Do you think all the weapon stats from previous COD games are false because the community found it all by themselves and will skill based matchmaking be removed devs never disclosed the real weapon stats? Every matchmaking version from Halo, Titanfall, CoD, etc. People are running around in this thread spreading all these "facts" that happened to them once, on the bd day of release, before the patch, at 3: Those weapon stats were found by digging through Will skill based matchmaking be removed files and datamining values from the game's configs.

That's a lot different when you're talking about anecdotal evidence. No one seemed to dkill you a link. I don't believe that's fully correct for AW. At the end of the article, it mentions being able to change 'Search Preferences' which as far as i know, you can't do on AW. I'd always have my friend with a lower SPM be party leader. I feel like I HAVE to play in a party in order to enjoy this game. I also feel like I HAVE to tryhard everytime I play because everyone else is due to Matcgmaking.

Its made the game way more stressful than it should be. No longer can I grab a few quick matches to relax before work or play a few matches when I'm tired because I don't want to get wrecked. Its forcing a far more competitive environment in pub matches than I like. I feel you man. I have a lot of tryhard friends and a party is something I could run but I DON'T enjoy it. Every game turns into a fight for kills, constant triple caps, lobbies emptying out due to the rape, etc.

It's ruining my experience with the game. I have no problem trying hard for the win because that's what I do. I just get tired of the constant parties and I reall wanna just play a completely random game with completely random people. If they're good or if zkill bad doesn't matter to me honestly. I just want a mercenary playlist and connection based MM.

Will skill based matchmaking be removed if it wasn't P2P and they used dedis then I could totally get behind SBMM. But the way its set up I constantly get 1 bar games and it becomes a game of who gets lucky with the better connection. Sometimes I just wanna sit down and have a random match where anything can happen. Hopefully they fix all of will skill based matchmaking be removed and start matchmaking based on connection and sorting the lobbies by skill. Sometimes I just want to try out some new weapons I don't maatchmaking use, but then I get wrecked by all the BAL'ers.

I feel like most SBMM systems are supposed to take into account party size. Like if you're searching as a full team or a large party you'd get paired against a full team or large party. I know this isn't always going to happen, but it should be in the parameters. The lag issues make it even worse. Instead of having the time to aim and initiate a proper gun fight you're already flinching ekill you even realize it, therefore throwing off your aim, and all of a sudden you're dead.

And that's exactly what I don't like. Sprayers shouldn't be rewarded with lucky kills. In some cases hipfire is definitely the superior option, sure, but I've seen some ridiculous hipfire kills.

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