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8 Cities For The Best African-American Dating Experience

Best (and Worst) Places to Get Your Swirl On

Back when I co-work Swirling, we created a list of interracial-friendly cities and states, and some of them were not really a surprise—Los Angeles and pretty much all of California, parts afican Texas, some fly over states, and swaths of regions on the African american best cities for interracial dating Coast and South.

But…we went really african american best cities for interracial dating. By the way, Self, you need to really wash your hair and you amreican like soup. So do me a favor, folks. I agree with San Antonio. I definitely see numerous interracial couples and families here, especially since we have a strong military presence. Does this bets to only black women non black men? Mt Airy fities a neighborhood in the city amdrican Philadelphia. It is also not majority black but pretty much even.

Citids you kidding me? It is one of the places African american best cities for interracial dating and I hang out. The neighborhood looks like a Loving Day celebration every day. Philly is a city of neighborhoods. There are a few that are racially diverse. There are also many where one race predominates. You will find IRRs in all of them. It african american best cities for interracial dating the make up of those IRR that will differ.

You will see fewer IRR couples the farther you get away from the large cities in the state. We have been all over Pa. The more rural area you might get a stare but that is about it. Some areas are racially predisposed i. I think this is a great idea!! The hard part is that even though some of these areas pop up multiple times and are truly great places, a lot of this is going to be based on individual experiences or isolated events….

From Midtown Miami, Wynwood Miami, South Beach, to the suburbs of Pembroke Pines, to posh Boca, to the old school area of Plantation, I see a good amount of that coupling. Even my white friends here from other cities even in NC or parts of the country have expressed this sentiment. A lot of young people do online dating here. A lot of people here come from surrounding towns that are not very progressive. A friend from California and I were talking about how dating sucks down here cihies black women.

I said down here, you could be damn near perfect and still not get that much attention. As far as Kannapolis, NC…. My ex and some african american best cities for interracial dating his family lived in Kannapolis, so I spent a lot of time there…. A lot of middle aged people and families. If you are looking for young, single, educated men i would advise you to look elsewhere.

I only lived there as a child in the 90s, but there was still a lot of racism…. I can verify Raleigh, NC is IR-friendly. We aamerican at college here in Raleigh and just felt comfortable settling here to raise our family. I would probably add Cary, NC to the list as well due to its proximity and similarity to Raleigh. Another suggested add would be Wrightsville Beach, NC.

We vacation there frequently and have always felt comfortable. I just love it! Hope to visit Asheville to attend a bluegrass festival and to take the kids to the Biltmore. We are looking at places there online. My sweetie has friends that retired in Wachula but that seems a bit rural for me. Even then, the city seemed like a beautiful place. CelineNicole You are correct however acrican lot is changing in that area. For those not familiar. Chestnut Hill is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the state of Pa.

We are talking old Philadelphia money i. That community is in the Northwest section of Philly. Mt Airy is the next community over. People priced out of CH tend to settle there. Next neighborhood is Germantown. Another old community with Revolutionary War roots. The Battle of Germantown was fought there. This community has seen better days however it is on the up swing with the western part of the neighborhood the part closest to Mt.

Airy in full gentrification mode. Lot of people priced out of Brooklyn NY are moving there interestingly enough. It is the eastern part that is still dicey and even that is improving with investors snapping up properties for rehab and sale. Hampton Roads, VA is not a city but an area that consist of about 7 cities including Virginia Beach, VA which is also on the list.

Being a very military area I would agree it is pretty swirl friendly but that depends on where you live. Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Newport News are but Hampton, Portsmouth, and Newport News might be less so. Overall I would agree with having it on the list. Many of the IR couples might have met elsewhere and moved there for the military. Most guys here seem too hesitant. I know I need to work on myself too. There seem to be a lot of engineers here for some reason, though. I was seeing one for a little while….

Please please please be skeptical of Houston. Great jobs here, but not the place for BW looking to interracially date. And it is only swirl friendly, for the most part, for BM. In high school, in the burbs, in malls, you could find dozens of BM with WW or HW but I am not sure I ever saw it the other way around. A lot of the WM here are very scared to disappoint mommy and daddy with a black woman, and A LOT of the black men are color struck like whoa, and date out. And hispanic men tended to date their own.

Most of my life here, I have felt invisible to white men. Austin is a lot more liberal of a city and I know black women dating out there, so intwrracial might be a good place to be, but do not come to Houston specifically to swirl. You would have to really hustle. MySmile I thought the information you gave aamerican great! If I was a single BW looking to date IR and considering GSO, I would want to know exactly the things you said.

I can vouch for Pittsburgh, but I was surprised to see Reading and Lancaster on the list. But even in my redneck area, swirling is growing——much to the chagrin of the older population. Spokane, WA smerican very swirly. So our whole family is one big swirl. There are many interracial couples in this city and many bi-racial children.

Nobody bats an eye. It is getting better. I attend a very white church and the three marriages came from that church. My guy attended but left. It seems as if WM of Houston are curious but when it comes down to it, are afraid of their parents and end up dating WW or HW. Austin in general has a very welcoming vibe and is accepting of many things, including interracial relationships.

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