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Halo: Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Fixes Incoming

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Halo Master Chief Collection Matchmaking June self. Is matchmaking broken or is halo collection matchmaking problems just no one playing the collection? I can easily find a game in team slayer, but modes like Halo 2 classic and rumble pit never find anyone. I know there were matchmaking problems before, but I have no idea if they were solved or not.

New to Xbox One and very new to Halo - well, at least outside of college dorm memories of Halo collection matchmaking problems 2. Unfortunately, the game is pretty dead now. The problems at launch turned many people away from the game and they haven't given it a second chance. Then Halo 5 and other fps' took away the rest of the population. I usually have to resort to playing Team Slayer as well.

Part of the problem is the population. The other part of the problem is the matchmaking failing to find what players are actually playing. I'm able to find a game in any playlist any time. I play the game 3x a week and halo collection matchmaking problems have issues finding players. That's a big disappointment, as all I've really been hankering for is some good old Free For All in Halo 2. I picked up the collection for fifteen bucks so I can't complain, given all the campaigns.

Does Halo 5 at least do a decent job of offering bread and butter free for all Halo? I don't mind additions, I just could do without customized halo collection matchmaking problems and all that. It does however have warzone which allows you to call in more and more powerful reqs weapons, vehicles, power ups as the game goes on.

This is just one of the halo collection matchmaking problems though. Multiplayer not Warzone is extremely balanced in Halo 5. In my opinion, i did terrible with H5 campaign but hoboy did they get multiplayer right. I hopped on to play H3 my fav halo not that long ago and I halo collection matchmaking problems myself halo collection matchmaking problems to thrust and clamber all the time: Obviously aim for the evenings and weekends to see if you can match in the lesser populated playlists.

Swat has a good population. I've played about 20 games over the past three days at various times. I've never had to wait more than a minute. I just bought the game a few days ago and haven't had any problems finding games in btb, halo ce, and halo 2 classic. It can be difficult to find games in the less popular playlists at certain times. On the weekends you should be good most of the time, though. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Halo: Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Issues

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