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Forums Competitive Discussion Overcoming Competitive Nervousness. Overcoming Competitive Nervousness Competitive Discussion Announcements General Discussion Competitive Discussion Technical Support Bug Report PTR Bug Report. I really suffer from this; getting nervous before and during a game. I could imagine it's similar to what athletes have to cope with. What are your techniques for coping with Competitve nervousness?

The only solution Matchmaking anxiety have found to work is taking matchmaking anxiety away from Overwatch. I would called it matchmaking anxiety instead of nervousness. Same goes to climbing the ladder in Hearthstone. You are afraid of losing, Matchmaking anxiety don't blame you. I just stopped taking it too seriously. I figured I'll win some and lose some.

So now I give it my best and view it as a learning experience. Every game, good or bad has something to take away and improve upon and I focus on that more. Focus on becoming better, not winning and it might get better. Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.

How to Deal With & Overcome Ranked Anxiety (Ladder/Performance Anxiety)

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