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Are Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner an Item?

Is Marvel's Scarlett Johansson Dating An SNL Cast Member?

I really, really hope this post brings out some wailing Avengers fan-girls. First, let me ask you: I think she would. Anyway, this Enquirer story definitely plays into that image that some of us have of Scarlett. They think it borders on being flirty. Renner johansson dating just likes being one of the boys! As for the Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky stuff… hahahaha. Oh, and ScarJo better not try anything with Mark Ruffalo!! She can have Tom Hiddleston, though.

Do you hear that? Photos courtesy of WENN. Featured Links - Okja review: You can follow any responses to this entry through dwting RSS 2. I just knew my Friday was going to be good. Report this comment as spam or abuse. You know what tho? You sound like the type of woman who is threatened by every woman who is better looking than you. I want to know about the dress or the shoes or whatever item I commented on.

I spend about 90 percent of my time with men, since I work in the technology datin which is just packed with men. Most of my friends are males. I do not jhansson with them. I do not go out of my way to compliment them, marya dating an mp actively ignore other women.

Asda she did not come off that way to me at all. Perhaps take a moment before jumping on the other posters and making claims about their personality. Diss the celebs all you want, but not the celebitchy community. Agreed Report this comment as spam or abuse. The boys are just talking about more interesting things. Erinn — thank you! This is what I was thinking.

Only of my male friends is married. I just work with a really funny group of renner johansson dating for the most part. I now work in an almost all male department building websites. THAT GIRL does and she is the one who is threatened and insecure. She has to have all the attention on her. Erinn at work is where I usually end up being one of the guys. I am a lot older than you renner johansson dating and I chose not to have kids.

A lot of the women Renner johansson dating worked with are ALWAYS talking about their kids. However, on my own time, I hang out with other women because men are crappy shopping and spa buddies. And yes, the job I am referring to was in the internet area. I actually wondered if Hiddles had a crush on her, dting he gave a couple interviews in which he was incredibly complimentary to her, gushing about their one scene together and saying how renner johansson dating she was to work with.

That definitely made my Spidey sense tingle. Haha Report this ojhansson as spam or abuse. LOL I know, right????? I thought the same thing when I heard him in interviews. He is as big a flirt as her so it would probably be a fun affair for both… and then he can come renner johansson dating to me where I will gladly take him back. Yeah, he is definitely exuberant about everything and everyone. But for some reason, when I read what he said about her, my eyebrows went up.

I agree with Feebee here. Hiddles seems like a positive, upbeat guy. There is a picture online of Hiddles with her and their Avengers co-star Cobie Smulders, and he looks smitten with BOTH of them. She renner johansson dating not go datijg near Mark Ruffalo or I will find her. The Iron Man one is the best. Eve I love the Captain America one. She seems to be one of those who wants, what she wants, when she wants it and uses her pretty smile renenr vagina to get it, then when she wants more, she does the trash remner dash.

The vibes I get and everything about EP reeks cheesy, stupid, bimbo, with maximum cunning. How could he not see it? Oh, yeah, she wrapped him up in a marriage so quickly before those pheromones wore off. Maybe more stories will come out the more famous Hemsworth gets. July 27, at And all she has to do renner johansson dating open her renner johansson dating, daing do another publicity stunt to prove everything all over again. I know this is a blind item — and from CDAN so, you can take it as a grain of salt if you want tobut I remember reading that and immediately guessing Thomas Jane the C-list actorPatricia Arquette B-list television actressElsa Pataky the D-lister and Courteney Cox the friend.

Why did I guess that? Everything matches timeline, people involved in that blind item. She was still with Brody when that happened. LOL Viv…poor Chris I want to like him soooo much, but all brawn renner johansson dating no brains is not indicative to picking the right woman IMO. July 27, at 1: Marriage and a family to me is a forever commitment. Being a father at that age is just a bit young IMO. I am not saying youngsters should have sex with lots and lots of different partners, but before you make a commitment you should know what you are doing.

And even though I tell myself, I AM NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE, I must add:

Marvel's The Avengers

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