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I'm an atheist in a relationship with a Muslim girl and dont know how to have a future with her if she is not allowed to ever marry an atheist. About a year ago I 19 fell in love with a Muslim girl 19 over the internet, we both knew eachothers views but it didnt process to me that it may have been a sin to marry an atheist. It has only been a little more than a year and we live across the globe Europe and south east asia and its really odd to me to be talking about eventual marriage at such an early stage but muslim girl dating an atheist makes me incredibly happy and I dont want it to have to end just because theres no future in it due to this rule and the situation is best tackled early on.

I have considered and told her that I could try and convert myself but I fear that my extreme skepticism will interfere and make it near impossible, she thinks it will be almost impossible too for me to change my views. I do not want to encourage or force her to leave her faith either because I know its important to her and I dont want to be taking something like that away from her, let alone if its even possible. Does anybody have any advice on what we can do? I am fully determined to make this muslim girl dating an atheist.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time. It is 1 AM for me as i am posting this and I have college in 6 hours so if there are any responses I will try and reply in the morning or when I am back home. From personal experience I am telling you to please forget this girl. It will never work, no matter how you spin it. Simply changing religions will solve nothing. If her parents are like any other typical south-asian parents, they don't free senior dating sites australia want a muslim boy for her.

They want a muslim south-asian boy that's either a doctor or an engineer for her, who is already holding down a steady job and has a house of his own. Please muslim girl dating an atheist both of you a lot of headache and cut it off now. There is no future to this relationship. Should I live in the house? Open discussions always ended up with one of the parties being offended and yeah I am not one to want relationships I dont see a future in.

I am just desperate at this point and fear for what might happen to me if I break it off, she still means the world to me and I have never felt so strongly about someone. Dont worry, I'm still focusing on my study and hobbies muslim girl dating an atheist friends, we don't even have that much time to talk since we live in way different timezones and we are both in college. She's Malaysian and I'm Dutch and we met about a little more than 2 years ago through a raidcall group sort of like Teamspeakstarted as friends for a while and then a little more than a year ago we started having feelings for eachother.

I understand the chances are not the greatest that it'll work out but at this point I just dont want anything else and I don't feel i'm suffering right now from the situation in a way that makes me sad, i'm just conflicted. I fully understand my perception of things is biased due to emotional attachment and whatnot, which muslim girl dating an atheist why I decided to post in the first place.

I understand what you're saying but as I mentioned above I don't want to find out in years but I want to get this issue tackled with as soon as possible. I don't want to be in a hopeless relationship for the next 5 years if you understand what I mean. Yeah I think we will be trying to just let it rest on the background and perhaps something will happen that will change our minds along the path be it negative or positive without having to really force anything I hope that sentence made any sense, don't know how to say it better in English.

This sounds really harsh but you need to look at the bigger picture sometimes. If she's a devoted muslim, she can never marry you unless you convert to Islam. How long are you willing to put up with the religion? Or, are you even willing to 'adopt' a completely different belief system? As a muslim myself secretly an atheist nowI know how hard this religion can be at times. I would never want to bring another person into this religion and I wouldn't mind being unwed for the rest of my life if it means I don't have to bring another person into this.

Plus, this sounds shallow but think of the alcohol and hookup auburn ny you're gonna miss out sorry i have to lol. You need to know if you're willing to sacrifice your belief system for her. You need to know where to draw the line and whether you would be happy in the future if you were to convert. If you end the relationship, yeah sure, there'll be a depressing episode after a breakup. You will feel like you lost a part muslim girl dating an atheist yourself.

But in the long run, you will be happier. It doesnt matter if you're gonna be a fake islam or you're gonna be a real devoted one. You have to be a muslim in order to marry one. If you're gonna be a fake one - you're just going to end up in frustration after awhile. Many of us here are going through this in this subreddit. It is difficult to keep on hiding. This is esp hard if the person you're hiding from is the one you love and the one you're gonna be with everyday.

Even as a fake muslim, you have to give up some habits here and there. Eg, it will be harder to meet up with your group of friends at the local bar or favourite non-halal food joint after awhile. It gets too troublesome to duck around a person who is close to you. You would jave to pretend to pray w her when she does. Even so, you might need to learn how to do a prayer properly and know how to lead one if your muslim wife ever asks you to.

If you're gonna be a real muslim - just know that it is a completely different lifestyle from what you have now. The quran dictates what you should and shouldn't do instead of your own set of moral beliefs. It will be hard for you to adjust and there's a long road of learning ahead of you if you want to do this.

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