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Interracial Dating is still interracial dating in wisconsin bad thing? I saw a white guy with an asian chick in the store today, and overheard to white women talking about it. To be nice, they were 'upset'. They reminded me of racist white men and racist black women and their views on interracial dating. Honestly, I understand racism is still alive and interracial dating in wisconsin, but sometimes it seems like Wisconsin is the headquarters. Can't we all just make out--I mean love and not war?

What are you opinions? Meet singles at DateHookup. God, I hate you people; Start by changing your name because it was a "slave name" then start dating fat white girls. No matter what color you are we are the same. I have tons of friends that are all different races. We are the same underneath, we are all human!

The thing that sucks is people like you that still hate, people like you are the reason our world is falling apart. Get along or get out!! He's clearly out to cause trouble in this thread. I can't believe he would write something like that. Two each their own. But for me i date with in my race and not out of it. Its not because interracial dating in wisconsin am racist.

Its just cause i dont choose to go that route. I have a lot of friends who all races as well. Interracial dating in wisconsin are all human. But sometimes i think its a bad thing to some because of the way its been shown. The satistics are a lot higher for a lot of things domestic abuse in cases where its an interracial relationship. Don't worry, he'll be alone for the rest of his life or settle for someone just as stupid as he is, maybe even just as bald.

That's just enough to make me pity him. Anyway, thank you for you responses and opinions! I am sorry to tell ya dude that there are more black men out there that treat interracial dating in wisconsin woman alot better than you white men. This is from her friend not Dana. But I am married to a dating sites amman jordan man and we have 3 kids and I can tell you he a great man.

He takes care of his family. And to top it off I was reading the satistics of homicides in Wisconsin and out of last year only 7 were done by black men and the remainder were by white men. So people need to also quit using the the bs about black men are abusive and are in trouble with the law more than white men. Well, no more Mr. Senile Angry Old Guy posts. Though the previous post was off the topic, there's no real need to be offensive. With 60 years of experience, you'd think he'd be a bit more mature about interracial dating in wisconsin. Wow, so who is NOT against interracial dating?

I must say I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Hey foxpause, since you started this thread I urge you to use the "Block user from post" link for jonnypar. I dont see ap roblem with it at all. OMG-osh that Johnny guy your an ass!! Ha, I laugh at people like that guy. Next time u have an opinion about a different nationality,keep the words in your mouth,choke on them and die,u racist bastard!!!

Nothing wrong with IR dating. Ive dated outside my race In fact 1 black gentleman I dated is still a very dear friend of mine I respect people of all races. Its ignorance interracial dating in wisconsin assholism that is a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with interracial dating. My baby daddy is black and let me tell u we sure made some beautiful babies. It doesnt matter what the race, it matters whats in the heart.

I can't stand racist people and now I have to defend 2 races because my kids are bi-racial. It doesn't matter what color you are That my friend has no color attached to it. It is what it is. I know I am white but I prefer Italian Women. How can two people getting together and falling in love be a bad thing regardless of skin color. When I was dating a black guy, I was accepted into his group of friends and family.

I was shocked to find in my side of the family, there was ignorance based just on skin color, ridiculous. I am proud of everybody on here except the one that used old racist words, someday your life might depend on somebody other than "WHITE" to rescue you. Hey, interracial dating in wisconsin all have very good answers, and I respect your opinions, even the racist guy.

Do me a favor though? Please don't give the bad comment the time of day, as I'd rather this thread have some thought on the subject instead of bouncing hate back and forth condemning the racist. I have absolutely no problem with interracial dating

Interracial Dating and the Stares....

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