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Julianne Cantarella is a licensed therapist with a deep passion for people. Known for her personal approach to matchmaking and relationship coaching, she gets to know her clients on a meaningful level, in order to create lasting relationships. Most importantly, Julianne knows that every one of her clients is a unique individual with a unique set of needs. A professional Matchmaker sinceJulianne has the skills to nj dating coach match her clients with their perfect partner.

When I began the dating process all those years ago, like you I was having a difficult time meeting a quality partner. Intuitively and viscerally, I would respond knowing that the man sitting across from me was not a good fit. There was nothing familiar or fating about him. After enduring the pain of one failed relationship after another I recognized a need for change.

So in a bold move, at the tender age of 22 I made a decision, I was going to put my love life first and make it a priority above all else. That is when I became my own Matchmaker and Dating Coach. I took a step back and assessed my situation and myself. I took note of what I was looking for in a husband, father of my children and best friend. I made conscious changes to my behavior and appearance to ensure I could attract the right person and be ready when I met him.

Every time I entered into a social situation I made sure to present the best version of myself. I networked, recruited friends to help and did all that I could to find my perfect nj dating coach. All my hard work paid off; within a year of starting my campaign Eating met and began dating the man who would become my nj dating coach. Intuitively, viscerally and immediately, I knew he was the right one. So, date him and marry him Nj dating coach did!

Fast forward 25 years and 3 kids later we are still madly in love. I cannot imagine being married to anyone else, because he is my perfect match as well as the best friend I have ever had. When the opportunity to help others find their perfect match was presented to me in I jumped at it. I understand first hand the desire to find that special someone. From my nj dating coach education as a therapist to my personal experience, I know the components needed to create a fulfilling successful relationship.

You don't waste your time. She understands that her clients take their matches seriously. The caliber of the clientele is higher and many are professionals, business owners or executives. Once a match is identified Julianne will conduct an in-depth assessment to determine compatibility and verify nj dating coach. Julianne finds just the right matches for you so you are assured of being matched with people that share your values.

A one-of-a-kind coacj coaching program designed to take the mystery and confusion out of dating, giving you a clear path to finding the love of your nj dating coach. Find helpful and informative resources to help you along your path to finding your one true love. Single and looking to change your relationship status? You are in the right place! If you are ready to make your love life a priority I will find the perfect match for you!

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