The league dating app chicago

The League Dating App

The League

The San Francisco-based company aims to connect successful, well-educated singles who want to dip askmen hookup a more selective dating pool than Tinder. She said getting those questions out of the way paves the way for more fun conversations. The app planned to go live Wednesday for 2, Chicago users — chosen from more than 13, daters on the waiting list — and will add users each week on a rolling basis.

The League also referees bad behavior on the app. If members make a habit of standing up other users on dates, or sending inappropriate messages or photos, Bradford said the company will kick users off the platform. The app is live in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Boston, and will launch soon in Washington, D. She also plans to roll out a service that lets League users connect with daters in other cities.

That could be rolled out in the fourth quarter, she said. They could just as easily date in Boston as they could in Chicago. But when they pride themselves on accepting only the the league dating app chicago of the crop, niche apps might have to sacrifice growth for reputation. Blue Sky Innovation Blue Sky Originals. The League brings invite-only dating app to Chicago.

Meg Graham Contact Reporter Blue Sky The league dating app chicago. Hotshot attorney angling for a date with a successful entrepreneur? Maury Phillips, Getty Images.

How Dating App The League Got Thousands of Signups Before Launch – Amanda Bradford @ Hustle Con 2016

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