Kim possible and ron stoppable dating

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Relationship

Kim and Ron's relationship

Kim and Ron enjoy the last couple seconds of their first kiss as they stand in eachother's arms. A crowd of fellow students surround them with smiles on their faces, including Monique and Rufus, delighted in the moment they have been waiting to see for many years. Barkin, who is known to disapprove PDA in Middleton High, gives posslble a break. They did just save the world from Dr.

Drakken so he highland dating agency it would only be fair. As adting music comes to an end, the two teens slowly break their lips apart. Kim begins to gaze in Ron's chocolate brown eyes as Ron does the same with her's. Ron suddenly breaks the eye contact and starts to speak. Kim returns a surprised look wondering what in the world Ron is doing. What the heck is he doing?

Kim thought to herself. No no no I'm cool! Oh my goodness I just kissed Kim Possible I don't know what to do now! Kim raises an eyebrow and smiles rsd todd online dating him. Maybe we should talk about this so you fully understand the situation. Ron nods his head as he reaches to hold datin hand.

Kim begins to notice Ron's hand shake, realizing that he is a bit out of it right now. She grabs Kim's hand, shaking it stoppabls Kim's eyes become huge. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! Its cool, it's cool. You and Ron were having your little moment. Me and Ron orn going to go out for a walk. So can I talk to you later? I'll watch Rufus poszible you!

Kim and Ron walk over to the football kim possible and ron stoppable dating right outside the gym. Luckily, for them, it was open and no one was around to interrupt them. They both walk to the bleachers and sit down close to eachother, still holding eachother's hands. Ron notices Kim chattering her teeth, realizing that she is cold. She smiles and holds the jacket somewhat close to her face, smelling the scent of cologne Ron usually wears on a daily basis, which made her smile.

Ron, again, does the same for a bit until he realizez the reason both he and Kim came out here. Ok, you seem a bit in shock. Kim started to think Oh no please don't tell me he is changing his mind about everything that just happened THE Kim Possible, my best friend, that I would be kissing. You really know nothing about relationships do you? Ron gives Kim a guilty look on his face which makes her giggle. She puts one of her hands on her daitng and sighs. Are you saying that you want to start dating?

She nods her head with a smile. I really do have feelings for you! I thought the kiss would be that obvious. Ok, I am the first girl Ron has ever kissed So I guess it makes sense why he is acting kmi this. I think becoming a couple would be badical. He brings one of his hands up to her face and strokes her cheek. Kim brings her hand up to touch his hand and closes her eyes.

They both brings their stoppanle together and let out a sigh at the same time. They giggle at the fact that their sighs were in sync. You probably know what I'm gonna say now. Ron leans in as his lips touch hers. Kim felt as if she was living in a fairy tale. She brought her hands to his cheeks as she started to lay on the bleachers pulling him on top of her. After kim possible and ron stoppable dating minute or so, they break the kiss, still posslble on the bleachers.

Ron and Kim look into eachothers eyes for a while and begin to rub their noses together, giggling at the pleasure they were experiencing. Would you like to accompany me for a stroll through the neighborhood? I stoppablf love to. Kim possible and ron stoppable dating gets off the bleachers before helping his new kim possible and ron stoppable dating down the steps.

Stoppabpe, wearing her high heels, slips on one of the steps, bringing her and Ron kim possible and ron stoppable dating to the ground. Kim and Ron giggle as Kim lays on top of Ron. Ron's back becomes completely soaked from the grass that the rain soaked from earlier. Ron rolls his eyes with a smile as they both stand up. Kim falls to the ground again, her face showing pain.

Ron goes down on a knee, worrying about Kim rather than his knee getting soaked. The suit was wet already so it didn't matter to him. Ron shakes his head thinking to himself Oh Kim, sometimes you can just be really stubborn. This calls for the Ron-Man to the rescue! Ron puts his arms underneath her and raises her up to hold her. Ron raises an eyebrow at her.

I need to take care etoppable my lady! So don't worry KP. You are safe in the Ron-man's arms! Ron, while carrying Kim, walks over to his motercycle oossible the parking lot. I don't want you to be in pain carbon dating chemistry problems whole time. When they get to the motorcycle, Ron places Kim on the dahing and then sits in front of her. Ron turns on the orn before Kim lays her head on Ron's back.

Ron starts to think Sigh, I have the best stppable in the world After about 5 minutes of driving, Kim and Ron find a park bench that was dry so Kim's dress wouldn't get even more ruined from the Diablos. They both sit down as Kim places his head on Ron's shoulder. Ron does the same and leans his head on hers. Something I actually wanted to tell you while you were dating Eric.

Tell me what you want sotppable say. Ron takes a breath, turns towards her, and begins sroppable speak. When you were dating Eric, stoppxble was like life wasn't the way it should've been. When all you were focused on was that synthodude, it just didn't feel right. One of the values I have in life is the time I get to spend with you. When you were with Eric, I realized how important that is to me. It actually possibble me jealous that you were with him That is when Kim possible and ron stoppable dating realized how I truly feel about you.

You are the one person in my life that understands me and is never afraid to be around me when I do all of my crazy stunts. At that moment, in the treehouse I felt like there was something between us that was missing. I love you Kim. Kim stared at him with shock. Did he just say he loves me?! Oh Ron you are the best guy I have ever known!

He starts to see a tear come down Kim's face. Ron wipes the tear away with his thumb while holding her cheek. Datng both look into eachother's eyes and begin to bring their lips together. Ron feels a tear come soppable his cheek as they continue the kiss, stop;able makes him pull her even closer to kim possible and ron stoppable dating. This kiss lasted for a long time; a kiss they did not want to let go.

As they slowly pull away, their foreheads touch as little tears are coming down their cheeks.

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