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Absolute Dating - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Get the plugin now. Help Preferences Sign up Log poweepoint. Absolute Dating - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. Absolute Dating Using Radioactivity Absolute Age dating was major advance in Historical Geology More accurate reconstruction of geologic events Mostly based on Absolute Dating 1 Absolute Dating Using Radioactivity 2 Absolute Age dating was major advance in Historical Geology More accurate reconstruction of geologic events Mostly based on radioactivity Defined as spontaneous decay of one element to another Absolute age dating powerpoint and Marie Curry decay produces heat 3 What Are Absolute Dates The age of a rock, fossil, or geologic event expressed in units, such as years For example, your birthday.

You were born on a specific day, month and year Absolute age can be determined by radioactive decay 4 The Atom Fundamental unit of matter Made up of components called subatomic particles Protons positive charge Neutron no electrical charge Electron negative charge 5 Radioactive Decay Stable Atoms An atom is generally stable if the number of protons equals absolute age dating powerpoint number of neutrons in the nucleus Atomic Number An elements identifying Equals of protons in atoms nucleus Mass Number Equals of protons and neutrons in an sating nucleus 6 Radioactive Decay - Isotopes Variant of the same parent atom Differ in the of neutrons Result in xating mass than parent For example Carbon C Types of carbon C stable C unstable C unstable 7 Radioactive Decay The nucleus of an atom decays changes into a new element.

The proton number atomic number changes Parent unstable radioactive isotope Daughter isotopes resulting from decay of parent 8 Types of Radioactive Decay Alpha emission Emission of 2 p and 2 n a particle Mass? Half Life powfrpoint time required for one-half of radioactive nuclei in a sample to decay The half life datjng C is 5, years If start with 10, atoms of Carbon, how many will you have after 5 half-lives?

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Free Online Dating Tips Absolute age dating powerpoint Every Absolute age dating powerpoint Student - we provide you information about free Online Dating tips for every college student and Absolutely free online dating service for singles on Biphoo. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. Absolute Time - Absolute Time Mrs. Wright 8th Grade Science Bath County Middle Absolute age dating powerpoint Absolute age is the age, in years, of a rock or other object.

Absolute-Age Dating

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